“Manufacturing 4.0. – Accelerating Your Digital Transformation Journey” Webinar: 5 Takeaways

Manufacturing 4.0. Accelerating Your Digital Transformation Journey Webinar 5 Takeaways

A recently held webinar covered the challenges that manufacturing companies face undergoing digital transformation journeys. Leading experts from Fujitsu, Salesforce and a guest speaker from Canon Information & Imaging Solutions (CIIS) discussed problems manufacturers need to solve going through this process and methods/frameworks to accelerate their digital transformation journey. Here are 5 things you will learn from watching this 60 min webinar:

1. How to concentrate on quick wins

Learn how to identify your critical business issues and aim for quick and easy wins in transforming them. By taking this approach, you can drive immediate change and reap significant benefits. Sath Rao, Head of Manufacturing, Fujitsu Digital Services, covers this in more detail.

2. How manufacturing can influence customer experience

Manufacturing can no longer stay fully product-centric. In an age of upgradable products and lifecycle views of customer engagement, its apparent that manufacturing directly affects the customer experience. Learn exactly how from Tony Kratovil, Senior Director of Manufacturing and Automotive, Salesforce.

3. How Canon Information & Imaging Solutions (CIIS) went through a service model evolution to drive more value

Dennis Amorosano, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Canon Information and Imaging Solutions, shares how CIIS addressed business challenges by implementing a service platform for their software-focused solutions, to drive software sales and create an evolved service model.

4. How to leverage collaboration, co-creation and realize quicker benefits

I’ll (Ankit Gandhi, Vice President of Fujitsu SaaS business) share the importance of collaboration and Fujitsu’s unique digital transformation approach to realizing transformation benefits quicker.

5. How a manufacturing leader gained real-time insight and optimized their processes

See how a manufacturing leader improved visibility of its operations and streamlined customer experience through a unified platform solution, GLOVIA OM.

Whether you’re at the start of your digital journey or already on this exciting way, this informative webinar is guaranteed to provide applicable insights and tips for your business.

Watch the “Manufacturing 4.0. – Accelerating Your
Digital Transformation Journey” Webinar

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