Managed Services catalyst for digital transformation


We all talk about creating superior customer experience (CX) but do we realize how pervasive is the concept?

Let me sight you a story to illustrate the fact. Even few years back whenever we bought an electronic product that had lithium battery had an instruction printed – “Charge 4 hours before use”. Customers’ excitement would dampen by the time the new gadget would charge. We as customers took that as a norm and never thought that it even deserved any attention. However one man thought differently – Steve Jobs! Steve insisted that when he launched the next iPhone, it would come with at least 50% charged so the customers could use it right away and be excited about their purchase. Since then every electronics goods comes with charged batteries. This is an wonderful example of how companies generate great customer experience by changing things that looked obvious and thereby being a catalyst for change for themselves and the industry as a whole.

Through Fujitsu unique business insights methodology we have created the ability to bring ideas, opportunities, and innovations to client’s existing environment. By understanding the needs of our clients and through proactive transformation, Managed Services have become strong catalyst to change. Identifying the root causes and generating first time fixes  year after year makes Fujitsu managed services team the ‘everyday heroes’ to our clients. Managed Services leveraged the knowledge and access to the B2B, B2C transaction data and trends to generate critical business insights. Such business insights forms the basis of next level of digital transformations.

It is estimated that large part of future investments in digital transformation will be actually in redesigning, modernizing, and monetizing existing operations, to deliver better user experience and increase operational efficiency. The writing on the wall is that,  Managed Services is not just maintenance service anymore, rather a catalyst that can speed up the digital transformation by utilizing business insights.


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