Making HCI affordable

Making HCI affordable

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) is a cool thing, because it allows consolidation of compute and storage resources on standard x86 servers. By now I think this message is quite well understood by most IT organizations looking to drive down cost of their current IT estate. However, there is a little caveat, because standard HCI installations start at about 3 to 4 server nodes. One of the main design principles is to enable easy scalability by just adding server nodes.

If you are with a company with a rather static environment that just runs a small number of applications, mostly likely well below 30, standard HCI is something that doesn’t really match your needs. There is a significant danger of wasted investment, because most of the times a large percentage of your resources sit idle.

HCI comes down to 2 nodes

For these use cases Fujitsu positions the 2-node Microsoft HCI bundle, which provides a highly cost-optimized design (no external storage, no expensive high-speed LAN switch for storage traffic, only 1 CPU per server), which allows Fujitsu to offer a complete HCI solution for under 20K Euro making it a highly attractive IT infrastructure for small-to-medium sized businesses, remote/branch offices and edge computing environments.

The Fujitsu 2-node Microsoft HCI bundle is based on FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct, an integrated system that includes all the hardware and software to simplify deployment of a Microsoft-based hyper-converged IT infrastructure. It leverages high performance, energy-efficient Fujitsu PRIMERGY standard x86 servers and Microsoft Hyper-V and Storage Spaces Direct, the software-defined server and storage technology integrated in Windows Server® 2016.

By consolidating your server and storage infrastructure with the Fujitsu 2-node Microsoft HCI bundle you will gain potential savings on hardware expenses by up to 50%, data center footprint by up to 43% and power by up to 45% versus traditional converged infrastructure approaches. And at the software level you profit from additional savings when you choose a Microsoft HCI solution. In comparison with other HCI software vendor approaches you don’t have to pay a levy for compute and storage virtualization capabilities. Everything is already included in the Windows Server 2016 Data Center license.

But it’s not all about cost savings, the Fujitsu 2-node Microsoft HCI bundle is an ideal infrastructure for companies with a lack of IT expert staff to design, build, run and maintain a complex IT infrastructure. The solution helps mitigate deployment risk, because it only includes Microsoft certified components, validated and pre-configured by Fujitsu. When up and running, the deep management integration in Microsoft management tools and excellent remote management capabilities simplify management tasks and reduce on-site visits. And finally, Fujitsu SolutionPacks significantly reduce your maintenance efforts by providing end-to-end infrastructure support and single point of contact covering the complete hardware and software stack.

If you are interested in an affordable HCI solution, get in touch with a local Fujitsu partner or mail us at

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