Make Industry 4.0 happen – Co-create real business benefits

Dr. Rolf Werner`s keynote at Fujitsu Forum`17

Taking the example of textiles, Rolf Werner, Head of Central Europe, Fujitsu, looked into the first and second industrial revolutions. Here we went from single customized clothes to mass production. Back in the 50s, over 80% of the US car market consisted of just six car models. In the 70s, we had mass customization.

Today, everyone wants individual tailored solutions at the cost of mass production. This applies across supply chains and eco-systems paving the way to new business models. Shoes can now be made by scanning customers’ feet, having them 3-d printed and delivered within short spaces of time.

As business models change, either you move or you will be moved. Co-creation is key.
In the future, especially intelligent robots will become more and more important. A film showed former world number 1 table tennis player, Timo Book, playing against a robot. Though the robot initially had the upper hand, Boll won the contest by developing a strategy. Boll worked out the situations that the robot could not cope with; these were unpredictable situations. That’s why artificial and human intelligence complement each other. For this cyber-physical merge, Fujitsu helps you to master Industry 4.0 through Human-Centric Innovation with the ultimate goal of creating a more prosperous society. That’s why Fujitsu has not only has its own industry 4.0 competence center; Fujitsu is also the technical lead in a European security and IoT project.

Now is the time for action

Co-creation uses the new digital technologies together with customers, partners, universities and start-ups in the most profitable way.

In Augsburg, Germany, Fujitsu has a factory with a maximum capacity of 21000 units/day across 2500 configurations/week with minimum order size of one unit. The factory uses Industry 4.0 technology to produce these.

Fujitsu is working with automation company, KUKA, to co-create automated manufacturing technologies as well as public sector customers to provide enhanced security for society.

What will we see next?

The Internet of Financial Transactions (IoFT) will be a major development. Today a bitcoin costs around 7500 USD while in July it cost 2500 USD. Machine to machine payments will be a key application.

As technology goes higher, faster and further, we must also move higher, faster and further, and co-creation is the way forward. Fujitsu is your partner on this journey.

Are you taking advantage of Industry 4.0?
Talk to our experts at Fujitsu Forum, Munich.

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