Love at first sight – Peter’s first hours with his new LIFEBOOK E548

Love at first sight – Peters first hours with his new lifebook E548

How an international automotive component supplier makes its employees even happier than they were before.

A strong focus on confidentiality plays an important role in many industries. It is also at the very core of business at the automotive component supplier that employs Peter. Peter is a product manager responsible for innovative in-car displays who spends most of his workdays in the office. As he had to learn during the last couple of years, being in the office is not equivalent to working at a desk. Actually, he may well spend half of his working hours at in-house meetings as well as joining video and web conferences. Typically, employees of this automotive supplier receive a new notebook every three years. Today it’s Peter’s turn.

Slim, fully featured and powerful

When his colleague from the IT department handed him over the new FUJITSU Notebook LIFEBOOK E548, Peter liked the new device at first sight. It is slim and light, with a distinctive 3D-textured finish on its palm rests.

“You certainly know that our company is all about security.” The IT specialist instantly started to detail on the new fingerprint sensor of Peter’s future notebook. “The new notebook is equipped with the new area-type fingerprint sensor which achieves much higher recognition rates than the previous scan-line sensors.”

Furthermore, the integrated SmartCard reader plays an important role. The company had been relying on SmartCards to authenticate its users for VPN access to its databases and SharePoint servers for some time now.

Additional benefits of practical details

“There are a number of additional benefits”, the IT specialist added. “For example, the spill-resistant backlit keyboard which is perfect for working even in darker surroundings.”

“Additionally, we have had a very positive experience with the serviceability and upgradability of FUJITSU notebooks for a number of years now. If you feel like you need more memory or mass storage, please contact us and we will exchange these components in-house.”

Perfect for hot desking

About five years ago Peter’s employer decided to introduce shared desk scenarios. All shared workplaces have been equipped with matching docking stations, larger displays as well as desktop keyboards and wired mice to supply a powerful and convenient work environment. Some of Peter’s colleagues, who spend more of their working hours on the road, have praised the FUJITSU Notebook LIFEBOOK U7 family which now shares the same port replicator with the newly launched FUJITSU Notebook LIFEBOOK E5 family. The shared desk concept can now be further expanded and allows Peter to collaborate with colleagues better within the office.

“Do you have any more questions?”

Peter did not.

“I wish you a good start with your new FUJITSU Notebook LIFEBOOK E548”, the member of the IT department added. Peter was definitely looking forward to the next three years.

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