LIFEBOOK T938 and P728: Fujitsu introduces 2-in-1 tablets perfectly fitted for education and horizontal markets

LIFEBOOK T938: Versatile 13.3” 2-in-1 with bi-directional, flipable and rotatable display

The education sector and other horizontal markets demand versatile, performant and still lightweight as well as durable computers. Fujitsu’s new 2-in-1 LIFEBOOK P728 perfectly suits these requirements. At the same time, its bigger brother, the LIFEBOOK T938, is targeted at collaboration scenarios in corporations.

Learning experts and education professionals agree on the importance of providing modern and versatile computing devices in classes. After all, their main goal is to prepare students as well as possible for their digital future. In order to teach the necessary skills and also arbitrate the increasingly important aspect of media literacy, education establishments have a strong need for capable and made-to-measure devices. Fujitsu gives a proper answer to these demands with its new 2-in-1 LIFEBOOK model P728.

LIFEBOOK P728: Ultra-light 12.5 inch 2-in-1 with 360° foldable hinge

LIFEBOOK P728: Ultra-light 12.5 inch 2-in-1 with 360° foldable hinge

IT decision makers in the education market confirm that 2-in-1 tablets are perfectly suited for applications around learning and training. The Fujitsu LIFEBOOK P728 measures up with this application area: It features a day-long battery life and supports multiple working styles. With its 360° foldable hinge, it can replace conventional notebooks as well as support the usage scenarios of a 12.5 inch (32 cm) Full HD tablet. Above that, it also features a tablet pen that can be safely stored in a pen garage when it is not in use. When its battery is empty, it can be charged back up to 80% in under one hour – or simply swapped with an already charged replacement battery. The modern USB-C connector allows for rapid charging as well as the connection of a variety of peripherals.

Weighing in at just 1.2 kilograms, the device offers ultimate portability. Running the Windows 10 Home or Pro operating system, it is perfectly suited for every conceivable application like interactive learning, collaborative classroom projects, digital inking and many more. Thanks to pre-installed software like Adobe’s PDF reader or webcam software from CyberLink, it is ready to go from the very start.

LIFEBOOK T938: Versatile 13.3” 2-in-1 with bi-directional, flipable and rotatable display

LIFEBOOK T938: Versatile 13.3” 2-in-1 with bi-directional, flipable and rotatable display

The slightly bigger brother of the LIFEBOOK P728 is the 13.3” model LIFEBOOK T938. Both 2-in-1 tablets share many benefits like their long battery life of up to 10 hours and rapid charging, the Windows 10 Home or Pro operating system as well as support for a variety of working styles. Besides supporting typical notebook usage making use of the improved keyboard, the device also supports pen-based tablet operation. With a weight starting at only 1.3 kilograms, the T938 is also very light and highly portable.

But there are some differences that give an indication of the markets and application scenarios that this model is primarily targeted for: Take the integrated security features like a fingerprint sensor, a palm vein sensor, a SmartCard reader and encrypted drives for example. They make sure that all access to data and connections is restricted to authorized personnel, making the LIFEBOOK T938 the perfect choice for markets like the insurance or financial sector.

Furthermore, Fujitsu has added a 5-megapixel rear camera to the LIFEBOOK T938, allowing users to take photos and record videos in the same convenient way as they would with their mobile phones, and use the front camera for video conferencing. With its bi-directional, flipable as well as rotatable 13.3” (34 cm) Full HD display, the P938 supports sharing content with colleagues or customers in a particularly easy and natural way. And thanks to its magnesium-enforced body and lid, the T938 is particularly durable.

With both new 2-in-1 models, FUJITSU offers versatile models that are perfectly fitted for their respective target markets. While specifically serving the requirements of their intended main usage scenarios, they share common benefits like long battery life, high performance, optimized usability and durable housings.

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