Keynote: Fujitsu in Society


To make the journey to a digitalized world, customers need a responsible business partner to realize business objectives and protect customers’ reputation. Fujitsu can improve social value, said Duncan Tait, Executive Vice President, Head of EMEIA, Fujitsu.

How do we feed an increasing global population? How can we produce better food within the cost and environmental constraints? How do we provide better healthcare for an ageing population?

Responsible business is what drives the executives in Fujitsu and this is one reason why customers, like Qantas, choose Fujitsu. It’s good for the business and for the brand. Customers need to figure out how responsible business drives business models. The dimensions of Responsible Business are:

  • Operating practices
  • Environment
  • Community

A great brand is fundamental to a business’ performance. You not only need great technology and great services, but you also need to conduct your business responsibly. You should have a partner which does the same.

Watch the keynote here (start at 1 hr 7 minutes).

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