Keynote: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

“AI is coming. Your digital transformation will need it and use it. AI is inevitable,” says Dr. Joseph Reger, Chief Technology Officer, Fujitsu Fellow, Fujitsu.

AI attempts to build machines capable of intelligent behavior.

As machines learning improves, it will go through various stages:

  • Now AI systems are as good as human in a narrow particular field.
  • In the next level, AI systems will become as smart as us in most fields.
  • At the ASI, artificial super-intelligence, stage, AI systems will be smarter than us in all fields.

The danger of ASI is that their preferences do not coincide with those of humans. It’s a danger, but not yet an imminent one.

We need regulatory measures and we need a social debate about how we want to go ahead. Just as our children are smarter than us, AI will become smarter than us. But, just as with our children, we need to teach AI systems a human moral framework. Now is the time to think about this, while we’re creating it.

Then, there’s the job question. Depending on whether you’re an optimist or a pessimist, AI will either create more jobs or destroy more jobs.

There’s no question about AI’s usefulness. By a process known as imagification, turning data into images, an AI system in a shopping center can make it easier to find, say, a lost child. When AI systems work together with sensors, a learning system can detect anomalies in a factory and prevent the anomaly. In the same vein, AI can detect anomalies in cyber defense.

All of Fujitsu’s AI know-how, currently being developed in Fujitsu Laboratories, is being put into the Zinrai framework and will soon be released to the European market. It runs in MetaArc which itself runs on K5 and will also run on our PRIMEFLEX systems.

Whether or not AI is a miracle or a curse, it depends on all of us. There’s no way around a social debate regarding AI.

That’s why Fujitsu talks about Human-Centric Innovation and Responsible Business. In the same logic, we should be thinking about Human-Centric AI.

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