Key considerations for your next investment in storage

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Everybody knows the questions that arise when doing bigger investments like buying a new car. The main concern is investing in a future-proof and energy-efficient model that fits to my budget and fulfills my requests in terms of security and comfort.

Similar questions came up when the next storage purchase cycle is in front of the door.

Before buying, the following storage technologies should be evaluated carefully

1. All-flash Arrays: Bringing in AFAs is fundamental to ensuring a healthy future for almost any storage set-up. AFAs have become mainstream as general purpose systems for any company size and usage area. Price performance is constantly getting better and more and more companies use it as general purpose storage.

2. Software-defined storage: SDS lets you substantively reconfigure your storage infrastructure under software control. It can be simply expanded and underlying hardware technology can be refreshed during operations. This is an ideal technology for all scenarios which face an exponential growth demand of storage capacity.

3. Faster storage networks: As all-flash provide better storage response times as ever, the new bottleneck in IT is the network. Make sure to deploy latest networking technologies alongside storage refreshes.

4. Solid-state storage options: AFA is just one of several ways to adopt flash-based storage. SAS-connected solid-state drives (SSDs) are also now mature technology, and will be the best price-performance option in many cases.

5. Hybrid storage arrays: These systems combine fast responding SAS SSDs and high-capacity spinning disks from a single device and are far away from dead.

6. New delivery models: The block to acquiring new storage technology is often financial or the ability to make a convincing business case. Savvy suppliers can not only help with financing, they will also offer services such as managed storage or storage on demand.

If you are interested to learn more about this 6 topics then please download the opinion paper from Freeform Dynamics.

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