Keeping pace with Digital Transformation with PRIMERGY M4 mono-socket servers

Imagine you’re an IT procurement professional and your organization is looking for “classic” single-socket servers. The standard approach is to focus on affordability and “just enough performance” for today’s needs, and perhaps a few of tomorrow’s. You typically shortlist the hardware based on the above criteria, and then figure out how to get budget approval for as many servers as possible.

While working with customers, we have discovered several limitations of this approach. After all, there is often no crystal ball available to enable you to figure out what workloads that tomorrow may bring. Even today, your needs can change quickly, and if your hardware is not flexible enough to handle all the varied requirements, what’s going to happen to your expensive investment?

You deserve the most advanced technology that makes economic sense for your business. Many of you are grappling with diverse workloads and constantly have to do more with your infrastructure. From industry apps, to standard office applications, from stand-alone servers to machines that host several VMs, the workload challenges keep mounting up, and every bit of design versatility and workload-oriented performance really counts.

The right performance often requires a hardware upgrade to keep pace with either newer or heavier workloads. Just as sometimes you just have to upgrade to the latest mobile phone to get the right user experience, or need to add a faster processor to gain compatibility with the latest software, or handle newer apps.

With this in mind, we ensure that our products offer the best possible performance for their configurations, and our latest technology ensures a smooth transition from our R&D teams to the factory floor, and then to the customer ecosystem, to keep pace with the growing demands of digitalization.

Build on proven designs

FUJITSU has a wide range of proven designs that have been deployed by customers like you across the widest range of environments at multiple locations. Naturally, you want us to combine the advantages of our proven designs with the best possible performance. This is cost effective and also offers the advantages of standardization.

Introducing all-new but proven mono-socket server designs

We are excited to bring you a technology upgrade to our mono-socket servers, which retain the classic advantages of proven design, small footprint, and affordable pricing, while also adding enhanced performance across compute, memory and a range of options.

From the remote office to branch offices and data centers, our mono-socket servers are designed for a wide variety of SME workloads across industries.

These new servers are ideal for a range of appropriately sized small and medium enterprise workloads including collaboration, standard office applications, infrastructure, virtualization or even industry-specific applications.

The PRIMERGY TX1320 M4 is an ultra-compact tower server designed to be deployed almost anywhere, whereas the PRIMERGY TX1330 M4 design is intended to be highly expandable, and the PRIMERGY RX1330 M4, is a small sized and affordable, yet powerful rack server.

The latest technology to deliver on workload performance

Our mono-socket servers now feature the latest Intel Xeon-E – 2100 processors, which offer enhanced performance while being designed to deliver on reliability and affordability. Multiple processor options are available, as are other affordable options like Core™ i3, Pentium® and Celeron® processors. The new generation processors deliver higher turbo frequency, support faster DRAM at 2,666 MT/s and enhanced I/O, providing enhanced performance compared to the previous generation, allowing them to keep pace as workloads increase.

New versatile storage and connectivity options

Fujitsu mono-socket systems are now equipped with the latest NVMe storage technology. NVMe has already become part of servers running workloads that demand the best performance. NVMe storage provides low latency and fast response times, making it ideal for applications that need higher I/O demands, such as web hosting, caching, databases and any other applications that require high-speed storage performance. All the new servers also have 2x M.2 (including a 1x NVMe option) for mirrored boot drive or a microSD card slot for booting into an embedded hypervisor. For enhanced external connectivity, the new servers support new gen USB 3.1 Gen 2 ports for higher data transfer than previous generations.

The FUJITSU PRIMERGY family – the right choice to modernize your IT

Whether you are buying a new server or looking to modernize your existing infrastructure, the FUJITSU PRIMERGY product family should be your first choice. The all-new mono-socket servers PRIMERGY RX1330 M4, PRIMERGY TX1320 M4, PRIMERGY TX1330 M4 have been designed to save you money while delivering operational efficiency.

Availability and Pricing
All new mono-socket servers described above are available to order and will ship from November 23rd, 2018.

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