K computer takes first place in Graph 500 supercomputer ranking


It was in a corner of the ISC’15 exhibition show floor; not well-lit, just a semi-partitioned booth with some 50 chairs, a podium and a large LCD screen. It was a BoF (“Birds of a Feather”) session set-up, where the latest “Graph 500 List” was announced.

The Graph 500 List is a bi-annual supercomputer ranking, based on graph-related performance, which is becoming more important than ever in the “Big Data” field.

The latest July 2015 issue of the Graph 500 List was published on July 13th, during a BoF session at ISC’15: the “International Supercomputing Conference.” The ISC event consists of a five-day conference (Sunday to Thursday) and a three-day exhibition (Monday to Wednesday). Every HPC-related vendor showcases their state-of-the-art technologies while universities and institutes demonstrate their latest interesting research results, and explore the way to exascale supercomputing and beyond. At ISC’15, Fujitsu exhibited its original Sparc64 processor-based PRIMEHPC supercomputer family and their industry-standard PRIMERGY server-based HPC cluster solutions.

The Graph 500 BoF session was in the middle of Monday’s exhibition hours. With a packed audience, including the “K computer” project team, the chairperson opened the session with a background explanation and overview of Graph 500. After the (relatively long for involved people) introduction, the chairperson presented the top three supercomputers, from bottom to top. When he announced the second-place supercomputer, it was not the K computer! The project team members spoke in hushed tones with each other, followed by a sigh of relief, as they believed that, with the dramatically improved benchmark score, the K computer had taken first place.


The session closed at 6:30pm and the ISC 30th Anniversary Party began in earnest!

Press Release: K computer takes first place in Graph 500 supercomputer ranking

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