Just how virtual is the world becoming?

Natan Linder a PhD student at MIT, has designed a PC which can be screwed into a desk lamp. The LuminAR Lamp can project content onto a surface, typically a desk, allowing you to view and even input content, without a keyboard or mouse. You simply move documents or “type” on the desk!

For me, this kind of evolution is the next step beyond cloud. While in the cloud you have lots of performance, security and data stored, by plugging in a computer into a desk lamp you can have IT everywhere. Every device can be turned into a computer, so that one day we will not need PCs or the like; they will simply be integrated into everyday objects. Take the satellite navigation system in your car: why should it not be able to link to your files at work? Ignoring the obvious security concerns related to driving and working at the same time (!), why could your data not be streamed to your car? Take another example, how about switching on your desk? Imagine that at the touch of a button you could visualize content on your desk. The next time you plan a holiday, you would give a voice command like, “Show me the best holiday deals for next summer”. A number of panels appear showing you holiday packages, air fares and typical weather patterns. It would certainly be easier to read than on a monitor.

Does this all sound too much like sci-fi? Maybe, but who would ever have thought about having a PC in a desk lamp. Today’s sci-fi will be tomorrow’s future…

Where do you see the future going?

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    Sklep Notebooki
    December 28, 2012

    Interesting ideas. I also believe that the next frontier will be what many people call the "internet of things", an enormous web of devices hooked to the same grid of information. This means incredible changes for consumer electronics as it will have to act as an integrator of all these experiences and data rather. Computers will be judged on their ability to take in all this noise and make sense of it for the end user.

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