Your journey towards SAP S/4HANA – Don’t forget to take the specialist departments with you!


SAP S/4HANAEveryone involved in IT seems to be on a journey these days – no matter if it is the mobility or Cloud journey or even into the digital future! Many technical innovations are discussed, analyzed, evaluated and implemented. But who thinks about those colleagues who are not in IT or at a decision-making level – the so called end-users and heads of specialist departments? Maybe they will be just left behind at the ticket counter while the IT guys are already getting onto the supersonic speed plane?


Yes. Colleagues in specialist departments are not keen to travel with you on your “technical migration path”, but when it comes to SAP S/4HANA the technical migration is just a part of the journey. This also became obvious in Bernd Leukert’s, Member of the Executive Board at SAP for Products & Innovations, keynote at SAPPHIRE NOW. In his speech he vividly described how, for example, manufacturing companies are forced to transform from big batches or even mass production to the fulfillment of individual orders. Thanks to the speed of SAP HANA and SAP S/4HANA such a transformation can become reality. But just imagine how much change this represents for several specialist departments!

So, don’t forget to take your specialist departments with you – they can be pleasant and valuable travel companions if they are involved in the planning right from the start.Fujitsu experts with in-depth knowledge are aware of this challenge and ready to accompany and support the change process by jointly looking at new processes and the new web-based interface. They explain the changes that will result. And they build upon the specialist department’s knowledge and experience when developing the new overall process.

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