Japanese clouds make Vietnamese rice grow faster

The Netherlands has a reputation to maintain where innovative agriculture is concerned. However, Cloud technology can help improve yields further.

In the wake of the Dutch royal couple’s visit, entrepreneurs from the Dutch agri-food sector recently traveled to meet their Japanese colleagues to explain the intricacies of advanced glasshouse horticulture, among other things. This does not mean to suggest that the Land of the Rising Sun has no knowledge of cultivation itself. In this regard, Fujitsu is supporting the improvement of agricultural practice in Japan and in other Asian countries. In Vietnam, the company has announced a collaboration with the Vietnamese FPT Corporation in the hope of better quality crops and higher yields.

Cloud Services

Fujitsu is supplying cloud services, equipment, and expertise. FPT, Vietnam’s leading ICT company, will aid dissemination of IT within the country’s agricultural sector. The focus will be on an IT solution for glasshouse horticulture in the city of Hanoi, where crops will be grown over a trial period. The project will serve to showcase Fujitsu’s agricultural technology to partner companies and authorities in Vietnam and Japan that are interested in developing an agricultural sector supported by IT.

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Acquiring and Sharing Knowledge

Vietnam is an interesting prospect in terms of its agricultural development, with vast amounts of fertile land and a reputation as a major rice producer. There are also opportunities in the fishing industry, for which Vietnam has excellent conditions and where IT has a lot to offer. Innovative cloud services can use information and communication technologies to contribute to stable production volumes and better quality products. In agriculture, results often still depend on the judgment and expertise of individual farmers. This is where the acquisition of data and the sharing of knowledge via the cloud can make a real difference.

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