It’s not enough to think about things! A practical guide to Industrial IoT for manufacturers and energy companies

The productivity of connected companies can increase by 30%

The productivity of connected companies can increase by 30%When talking about Industrial IoT the connection of devices or things is often mentioned in the same breath. However, such technical connections are just a fraction of a comprehensive solution. In fact, IoT is powering the transformation of almost all industries and can significantly increase productivity and enable new revenue streams. To really reap these and other potential benefits we need to have a much broader perspective.

First and foremost, IoT solutions are not just about launching fancy devices or technology; it is about seamless connections between machines, people and business networks. The success of such projects strongly depends on a sound examination of the business processes and how they need to be transformed in order to improve efficiency, reduce operational costs and risks as well as enable new revenue streams.

One of the main factors is management buy-in and tackling the silo mentality. Industrial IoT is not a topic which can solely be driven by the IT department. Projects need to be set up at board level and jointly driven by the CIO, CEO and business leaders. And, let us not forget the employees, who need to be involved and trained in order to increase their acceptance of fundamental change and operate in the new environments.

75% feel a lack of management support for IoT projectsFujitsu has had a close look at the market in order to provide organizations in the manufacturing and energy industry with a holistic and up-to-date view of the status, challenges and benefits of Industrial IoT solutions. We have gathered the opinions of numerous experts and matched them with our own experience in customer projects. We have summarized our findings and included pragmatic recommendations on how to start successful IoT projects in the White Paper „The Connected Enterprise: Making the Industrial IoT Happen – Right Here, Right Now“.

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