IT enhances Personal Property Rights ‘Down Under’

It is known as the land of kangaroos and Crocodile Dundee. Now, an IT platform also gives Australia a reputation for an excellent business environment.


The Personal Property Securities Reform (PPSR) was brought about by the Australian government to streamline more than seventy existing laws on varying levels relating to personal property. To support these changes, Fujitsu developed a transaction system which is hosted at a national data center. This is a publicly accessible register for the registration, search, and management of personal property. An important part of the work by Fujitsu involved the secure migration of almost five million files from 23 closed registers to a single new register.

From Cars to Shares

Since its inception in 2012, the new register has been the central location for recording all the personal property of Australia’s individuals, businesses, and service providers: from cars, boats, and machines to livestock, crops, intellectual property, and financial instruments such as shares. This central location brings with it several advantages. It proves a useful tool in terms of risk management, valuation, and the potential use of possessions as collateral, or when checking whether purchased goods are tradable. In order to develop the platform, a technology partner was required who could build the necessary infrastructure quickly.

Following the acquisition of Australian company, Kaz, Fujitsu had the necessary knowledge and experience of the public sector ‘Down Under’, as it does in many other countries. Over a period of three years, Fujitsu worked alongside the Australian government to translate an extensive and far-reaching catalog of requirements into an effective operational system. This encompassed application and database development, design and testing. One of the greatest challenges faced included working with up to 19 public institutions, 13 large commercial organizations, as well as the mass migration of all registers in one ‘big bang’ over a single weekend. In addition, the old registers were kept fully open to users to ensure no disturbance was caused.

Acclaimed Initiative

The new, uniform portal, covering a large number of registers, allows anyone to locate property information with extreme ease. The impact of the PPSR has not gone unnoticed in other parts of the world. The World Bank described the initiative as one which successfully enhanced legal rights on ownership. And, on the list of 185 countries taking steps to reduce their regulatory burden, Australia sits at a deserving tenth place. The country is now no longer known only as the land of kangaroos and Crocodile Dundee, but also as boasting a favorable business climate.

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