Is Your Organization Ready for the Future Workplace?

FUJITSU ultra-mobile product offering to meet the challenge

Mobile technology has dramatically changed our lives. Fast, cheap, and ubiquitous Internet connectivity makes it easier than ever to be online 24/7. As an integral part of our private lives, the technologies that enable this paradigm shift have already spread throughout the workplace. Smartphones, tablets, cloud technologies, and easy access to productivity, communications, collaboration, and other apps tailored to specific needs have already changed the way we work. We can now work whenever, wherever, and however we want. Employees can access the information they need from virtual workplaces and interact with their remote colleagues and business systems anywhere, making mobility a key requirement to remain competitive.

Wearables, augmented and virtual reality, 3D printing, and the Internet of Things are also set to reshape the workplace, in ways we’re only just starting to see. Mark Zuckerberg has demonstrated how virtual reality will replace conference calls as we know them. 3D printing already provides us with rapid prototyping capabilities which allow us to construct prototype objects much quicker and cheaper than before. And the Internet of Things and wearables have changed the way we monitor and process environmental data – changing our interaction with our buildings and surroundings. These technologies are driving change. They are also data-hungry, requiring huge amounts of storage and bandwidth: mobility and data will be the key enablers of the future workplace.

Ready for the challenge?

As the pace of digital innovation strides ahead, businesses are challenged with developing a more social, mobile and data-driven work environment that can support their changing business needs.

Mobile devices will need to have high storage volumes and performance specifications, and will need to seamlessly integrate into rapidly changing corporate environments both in the office and remote. Employees who spend most of their time working remotely – whether from coworking spaces or home – will need portability, but also excellent connectivity options. Those who travel much of the time will need ultra-mobile devices that combine top performance with a super-lightweight form factor. Regardless of their role, all employees will need a device that is flexible, allowing them to adapt quickly to workplace changes and the way they work. The right choice of mobile device for each business case is essential.

Regardless of your needs, there’s a FUJITSU ultra-mobile product offering to meet the challenge – and with €100 cashback, there couldn’t be a better time to buy! Find out more in our free eBook.

Organizations also need the right strategy and support services to successfully transition to the needs of the future workplace. FUJITSU helps its customers to co-create and develop the innovative digital strategies needed to drive workplace transformation. And with the hardware- and software-level support provided by made4you Customizing Services as shown below, we are in a unique position to ensure that your organization is more than ready for the challenges ahead!

hardware and software services of the eworkplace

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