IoT build life in the clouds

The “Internet of Things” means that more and more households are connecting their appliances. In future, smartphones will not only be able to switch devices on and off, but will also ensure that these devices can be used more efficiently.

The Fish Sticks are Ready

Last year, in conjunction with the electronics manufacturer Panasonic, Fujitsu conducted an experiment with a connected oven. When participants wanted to cook something in the oven, they could first use their smartphone to scan the product’s barcode. An app then consulted a database to inform the participant of the correct temperature and length of time for cooking the product. Users could also input the weight of the food to receive even more accurate instructions. The participants could then use the smartphone to set the oven to the required program.

3  Building smarter cities for the future

Technology is for People

The pilot project conducted by Fujitsu is in keeping with the company’s vision, which is to use technology to improve quality of life. The oven is merely the start of a revolution that can no longer be stopped. In future, every electronic device will be connected, giving people the opportunity to exercise more control over the way in which technology operates.

Small Houses, Big Data

As the number of people controlling their electronic appliances with a smartphone increases, more and more data will become available. This data will be of particular interest to manufacturers, who will be able to analyze the data to find out how consumers use their products in practice. This allows manufacturers to focus their innovations on the most important aspect of their product: user convenience.

More information for a hyperconnected world in Fujitsu’s Technology and Services Vision:

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