Integrated Systems from Fujitsu – Fast Time to Production and More

Gernot Fels, Principal Product Marketing Manager, Fujitsu explained how trying to build one yourself is complex because you have to acquire, test and deploy the components. You also need a lot of skills.

The way Fujitsu defines them, Integrated Systems are pre-tested and pre-integrated combination of servers, storage, management and connectivity. The idea is to design these Integrated Systems once and let customers benefit from Fujitsu’s experience.

The benefits are manifold: complexity and risk are reduced; deployment is fast; less trial and error testing; components are fully compatible with each other; customers can optimize resource utilization and reduce energy consumption and cooling requirements. Of course, this reduces Capex and Opex. Fujitsu takes care of the design, testing and integration of the components so that customers can go straight to deployment.

There are two delivery ways.

Ready to run: everything is pre-integrated and pre-installed in the factory. There is no design effort at all — absolutely risk free.

Reference architectures: tested and validated design blueprints based on a proof of concept. The integration and installation happens at the customer’s site. Design is fast and easy because customers do not start from scratch. Regardless of which way customers chose, Integrated Systems from Fujitsu are built from best-in-class components from Fujitsu and our technology partners and are based on our experience and are supplemented with flexible services options. Customers get from Fujitsu all they need for a fast time to value.

Fast deployment does not solve every problem. The operational phase can also cause a lot of efforts, e.g. due to the individual release cycles of the individual components causing a lot of efforts. How can you avoid the headaches during the operation? Fujitsu lifecycle management ensures component compatibility during the entire lifecycle. Fujitsu SolutionContract gives customers a single point of contact to take care of everything. Additionally, we offer data center services to take care of managing or hosting your data center as well as IaaS.

Fujitsu has a long track record; we have been offering Integrated Systems since 2002 — way before the rest of the market.

Frank Reichart, Senior Director Global Product Marketing Storage, Fujitsu, started by talking about general purpose (or virtualized environments) Integrated Systems.

VMware recently announced hyper-converged IT infrastructure (VMware EVO:RAIL) which is very useful where a quick deployment is essential. Fujitsu offers an appliance for EVO:RAIL which is ideal for use cases such as VDI and server virtualization. Fujitsu also offers the Cluster-in-a-box solution which integrates all the necessary components and uses Microsoft’s Hyper-V.

For customers who need more flexibility to add more power in the future, Fujitsu offers vShape. vShape is a reference architecture which can be deployed with VMware or Hyper-V. vShape is characterized by the flexibility and choice it provides.

Purpose built Integrated Systems may make sense in specific environments, e.g. for SAP business analytics. Fujitsu offers a Power Appliance for SAP HANA which is pre-installed and pre-configured, tested and SAP validated offering fast business results.

Fujitsu offers Integrated Systems for all main use cases: SAP, server virtualization, private cloud, Big Data, Microsoft, VDI and HPC.

To find out more go to the Integrated Systems booth at Fujitsu Forum 2014!

Watch the breakout session here:

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