Infographic: A vision for a digitally-enabled workplace of the future

fujitsu vision

When you consider that the world is estimated to be around 4.5 billion years old, 10 years may not seem like such a long time. But in an increasingly digitised world, change moves at a new pace.

Smartphones, social media, cloud computing, VR, and mapping, chatting and dating apps are just a handful of the technologies that were in their infancy only 10 years ago but have gone on to have a transformative effect on both our work and home lives.

While the changes felt in our home lives might be more immediately obvious, the way that technology has affected how we work is arguably just as influential. The advent of more available mobile technology, for instance, has removed the shackles of the traditional office commute routine. Developments in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology will build on the influence that mobile has had and further blur these established workplace boundaries.

The question for us, then, is what the workplace of the future might look like? We know that there’ll be a greater mix of generations working alongside one another and that our lives will be more connected, but how will ‘digital’ help organisations and employees alike to make the most of these changes?

Our vision of the future workplace is one in which digital is instrumental in creating a more agile, empowered and engaged workforce. Check out the infographic below to see how we believe that vision will be realised.

fujitsu workplace of the future

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