Industrial IoT – Energizing the Energy Sector with Smart Connections and Integration in SAP Systems

When I recently looked for news about Industrial IoT, I spotted an ad which made me smile:“IoT kit of up to 7 sensors for 78$”. Funny how simple things can be or at least be presented! However, I suppose, most enterprises in the energy sector would not be impressed or tempted to check out this offer….

Regulation change, the integration of low carbon energy sources, maintaining assets for optimal operation and the introduction of devices into consumer’s homes are just a few of the challenges the energy sector faces. And an “IoT kit of up to 7 sensors” will definitely not help to effectively develop streamlined, secure and efficient processes.Tome to get connected

Just take the example of asset operations. When field maintenance workers are sent out to ensure continuous operations at huge plants or remote generators there are several points to be considered:

  • Sending field workers with the wrong equipment or spare parts or for speculative repairs is extremely costly
  • Inefficient operations of maintenance teams may result in limitations regarding energy output
  • Field workers not only need (real-time) information to make their work effective but they can also collect a lot information onsite, which helps to improve processes and also asset availability
  • As field maintenance can put workers in a risky situation special care needs to be taken


Connected Workers, for example, is one component of Fujitsu Connected Enterprise solutions. It helps companies in the energy and also the manufacturing sector to improve asset efficiency and availability, reduce maintenance costs, and improve the safety of field workers.

However, this is just one element of what Fujitsu Connected Enterprise can do for companies in the energy sector. Fujitsu seamlessly integrates operational technologies (OT) and information technology (IT).

Based on real-time data from the SAP HANA database and thanks to the close integration with SAP MII, maintenance teams can identify the health of critical components in machines, facilities or systems and automate the maintenance processes based on asset health indices. This paves the way for predictive maintenance strategies that help to unlock the full potential of asset investments.

For example, one of the largest utilities in North America already relies on Fujitsu Connected Enterprise to enhance operations and maintenance. The results already achieved have significantly boosted productivity, improved asset reliability and real-time visibility in all aspects of operations.

We can make them happenYes, we admit that Fujitsu Connected Enterprise may be a bit more complex than an “IoT kit of up to 7 sensors for 78$”. However, our industry domain knowledge, technology expertise and global SAP partnership accelerate the deployment of Fujitsu Connected Enterprise solutions for value realization within weeks.

To learn more about the challenges and benefits of real Industrial IoT solutions and how they differ from just implementing and connecting some sensors, please read the White Paper „The Connected Enterprise: Making the Industrial IoT Happen – Right Here, Right Now“.

In order to discover more Fujitsu services and solutions that help SAP customers to shape the digital future, please visit:

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