“I enjoy working at Fujitsu because…” – Sebastian Seitz

The Fujitsu Young Community is a group of young Fujitsu employees who were driven by a common spirit and got together to build a platform to network, share knowledge across the different departments and create a joint future.

As my colleague Sebastian, I enjoy working at Fujitsu and really liked the idea of a series of interviews to give you some insights. While Sebastian does a magnificent job as the interviewer, today it is my turn – to let Sebastian explain, why he enjoys working at Fujitsu. By the way: You can find all interviews under the tag I enjoy working at Fujitsu.

I enjoy working at Fujitsu because…

…I have a genuine interest in IT and hence, with its diversified product portfolio, Fujitsu is a highly interesting employer for me. Everybody is pulling their efforts together here at Fujitsu, which creates enormous levels of motivation and leads to a very friendly and positive work climate. At the same time, Fujitsu makes sure that all employees can organize themselves towards a healthy and flexible work-life balance while being paid fair wages.

How I got started at Fujitsu

I sent in an initiative application and was almost a bit surprised when Fujitsu called me back. I was invited to a first interview during which it quickly became obvious that I would fit well with Fujitsu, and so just within one month everything was settled and I was able to start my first day at work.

What do I do at Fujitsu?

I am a student trainee within the Corporate Social Responsibility department. We deal in particular with issues relating to ecological and social sustainability. We plan and conduct measurements with the aim of making Fujitsu even more sustainable, also with a specific focus on its employees.

What distinguishes Fujitsu in your opinion from other companies?

From my point of view, Fujitsu is a very flexible employer that also takes social aspects and responsibilities very seriously. Inclusion is a main aspect of Fujitsu’s social policy, as well as diversity. I am proud to work for a company that hires people with disabilities, enabling them to participate in normal working life. Furthermore, I like the flexible working style at Fujitsu, employees can shift their working hours from part-time to full-time and are encouraged to take parental leaves or consider programs of partial retirement.

What part of your job do you like best?

I especially like the diversity of my task. Besides general supporting functions, I help with the organization and execution of events or create and design webpages. I am learning new things on a daily basis and am able to expand my skills and knowledge into many directions.


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