Hybrid IT is the new reality of IT

Pose_2_0184 f1Cloud adoption is surging as organizations seek the benefits delivered by new technologies such as mobile, social, big data and the internet of things. At the same time CIOs and their departments are increasingly faced with the issue of striking a balance between the many conflicting demands being placed on the IT infrastructure.

Hybrid IT reflects the increasingly common position where the IT estate is a mix of on premise and cloud services – a view strongly supported by analysts’ research.

The challenge for the CIO and the board

But as the adoption of cloud increases and becomes more strategic and ingrained in the business how do you:

  • ensure that business units have the agility to act and deploy new solutions, increasingly cloud based, yet ensure governance and compliance are not compromised?
  • nail down data availability 24/7, across geographies and across devices and yet be certain that privacy and security will not be breached?
  • achieve all of this and yet have a prudent IT budget?

Perfect Balance: Hybrid does it.

The answer lies in a cleverly architected and seamlessly integrated Hybrid IT environment with a governance framework that matches the new pace of business, and the flexibility to adapt and evolve with changing business needs. By blending the best of cloud powered and on-premise IT, the balance that large organizations seek is the balance that Hybrid delivers.

Fujitsu’s approach is based on having a range of services: professional, application and infrastructure that means we can help clients to

  • INTEGRATE: Hybrid IT provides a clear and simple journey to adopting and migrating to secure Cloud services
  • ORCHESTRATE: Hybrid IT glues Cloud enabled and traditional IT services together seamlessly
  • SERVICE: Hybrid IT delivers a great service with commercial flexibility with pace and agility

Ultimately it is about clients addressing the issues of visibility, security and cost management as they evolve their Hybrid IT estate.

To find out how public and private sector organizations are making the most of Hybrid IT, visit the Hybrid IT Lounge or join the ‘Risk and Reward with Hybrid IT’ Breakout session at #FujitsuForum Nov. 18.

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