How to Get the Most from Big Data

Breakout sessionBig Data brings a whole set of challenges: huge datasets, fast changing value, streaming data and frequent business changes. As a result, there are high expectations: affordable storage, analysis in time, real-time processing, rapid modeling and fast learning.

In order to do this there are lots of input sources: social media, ERP, CRM, etc., and this is worked on by the various algorithms according to various models. But, all of this involves a lot of work and is complex.

What is required is a clearly structured big data infrastructure Reference Architecture, such as PRIMEFLEX for Hadoop. Such a reference architecture would be made up of data sources, an analytics platform giving the distilled essence of the data via a fast response platform and then deliver the output in a report format. To do this, Fujitsu has an extensive partner ecosystem like, SAP, Microsoft, Oracle…to name but a few.

What difficulties are you having making best use of big data?
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