How to Ensure Business Continuity with the Disaster Tolerant Fujitsu SAP HANA Infrastructure Solution

As a pioneering SAP HANA partner Fujitsu has been involved in implementing and coaching SAP HANA projects right from the start, based on validated infrastructures and a comprehensive service portfolio. During this period we have observed that SAP and non-SAP customers are extremely excited about the ground-breaking in-memory technology – as we are too. However, the implementation of a new technology also carries a few risks. Consequently most of the customers started projects which had a limited scope and used cases which, although helping to improve their business, were not really business critical.

SAP HANA_Fujitsu

This situation has significantly changed in the last couple of months. Encouraged by positive results achieved with SAP HANA in their own or other organizations, enterprises are now increasingly planning and investing in the productive use of SAP HANA in business critical areas, which require high availability up to and including disaster resilience. This is why Fujitsu has added a disaster-tolerant SAP solution to its portfolio, which has been thoroughly tested and recently certified by SAP. Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers combined with NetApp Fabric MetroCluster FAS3250 and the NFS V3 Synchronous Replication Protocol are the main components of the disaster-tolerant solution. The set-up ensures synchronous mirroring so as to provide continuous availability and zero data loss. In the event of a disaster, the situation must be evaluated by an IT expert who initiates recovery if applicable. A guided recovery process reduces the risk of human error and administrative overheads and also ensures a quick return to normal operations. The secondary site can be equipped with an additional NetApp FAS3250 storage unit which can be actively used as a development and test system during normal operations.

Further information:

Information on certification: SAP Note #1755396

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