How Secure is your Data Center?

IoT and Security – The Risk Exists

For 2019, cybercrime costs of two trillion USD are estimated. In 2020, it is estimated, there will be over 50 billion connected devices, and 44 ZBytes of data.

It’s difficult to protect against unknowns: even the best software is at risk of attacks. It often takes time to notice a breach, and then it takes time to patch the breach.

Therefore, a new way of thinking is necessary. When looking at an infrastructure, we need to look end-to-end; workplaces and data centers are both part of a single chain.

Fujitsu’s Security Solution SURIENT is based on the following key principles:

  • Protection against internal and external attackers
  • Basic technologies: open source visible to customers; stealth technology; data encryption; enforced n-eyes principle.

For Mr. Hans-Günther Märkle, Managing Director, Wilken Rechenzentrum GmbH, security is paramount. Wilken Rechenzentrum offers hosting services to a range of customers and has implemented the SURIENT Managed Rack Solution (MRS) and Encrypted Boot Solution (EBS) as part of an early field test:

  • SURIENT MRS secures the access to server and storage via biometric authentication together with a central user management that takes care of access management. Of course, all accesses and actions are monitored and easily comply with any auditing requirements.
  • SURIENT EBS supports hard disc encryption where not even the admin knows the passwords.

Wilken Rechenzentrum is planning to introduce the SURIENT Stealth Connect Solution (SCS) in the near term. SURIENT SCS enables secure communication between a data center and external devices by making ports invisible to attackers. Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are a potential attack point as hackers see the constantly open port. With SURIENT SCS, the hacker does not know that the port is open.

How secure is your end-to-end security?

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