How Fujitsu’s Digital Annealer can help you make the most of your Big Data

The language of Big Data is getting more and more creative. The ‘brontobyte’ represents 10 to the power of 27 bytes. That’s just over 1000 yottabytes. The name suggests the Brontosaurus, one of the largest ever creatures to roam the Earth. It might have been called a ‘hellabyte’ – as in ‘hell of a lotta bytes’ – but it didn’t catch on. Instead, brontobyte conjures up images of a slow-moving (strictly vegetarian) mass of data. That’s not how it should be. Data is all about speed – of a collection, processing, analysis, and actionable insights. That’s what gives it the value: the ability to make clever decisions at the right time so as to achieve a competitive edge.

At least, that’s what we believe it should be at Fujitsu. The continued exponential growth of data demands ever smarter solutions. In the automotive industry the quantity of data across supply chains, within factories, and generated by each and every connected car is set to grow very fast as increased connectivity and more varied autonomous features come on stream. And, of course, when the truly autonomous, self-driving vehicles become a commercial reality, data volumes will grow even faster.

But Big Data can be a problem as well as a benefit. If organizations become overwhelmed with data, they will be worse off than before that data even existed. The key to making the most of any kind of data is the ability to manage it, analyze it, and turn into knowledge and insight. That’s where our Digital Annealer comes in. It brings forward the long-held dream of computer scientists for quantum computing, which is the only way that those brontobytes can be tamed and made productive.

In our new Spotlight on the automotive sector, my colleague Hugo Lerias describes how the Fujitsu Digital Annealer applies the principles of quantum computing via existing technologies to enable manufacturers to cope with their data volumes. The rise of more complex, real-time mobility demands and solutions means that huge amounts of data have been processed in real-time. Travel and transport, obviously, happens in very real time – if it doesn’t, then there are traffic jams and delays to all forms of transport. The modern automobile has to be able to cope with complex interactions that range across other vehicles, different forms of transport, road conditions, traffic management, uncertain/unexpected events, weather, as well as changing business demands. Enabling your data to give you an advantage in that immensely complex environment is key to success.

That’s what the Digital Annealer does. It gives you a data-edge (and also works at the edge!). Hugo describes how it works in principle and relates it to real world scenarios. It’s well worth a read.

Oh, and by the way, the brontobyte is small beside the geopbyte which is made up of 1024 brontobytes. I wonder what 1024 geopbytes will be called?

Download the Automotive Spotlight here.

Visit us at Hannover Messe 2019 Hall 7 Stand 16 to experience the values and potentials of Quantum Inspired Computing – Digital Annealer – yourself. Get in touch with the most exciting innovation on computing now and find out, e.g. how you can improve productivity on shop floor or organize Logistics on optimum and much safer.


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