Hello and welcome to the Face2Fujitsu Blog

We’ve set up this blog to provide an insight into our thinking at Fujitsu Technology Solutions’ client division on technology drivers in the market today. Our aim is to share our views on some of the things in IT that really grab the attention and interest of our technologists – on trending topics such as virtualization, and Green IT. We’re also making the blog open to comments, and positively encourage readers to leave their feedback.

Think of this blog as an electronic equivalent of a chat over the garden fence. We know it’s early days but we’d love this blog to grow into a melting pot where technologists come together to discuss what’s hot, and to share their point of view with other people around the world who also have an affinity for technology

To get the pot boiling we’ll be sharing insights into what we do here at Fujitsu, into who’s working here, what they do all day, why they do it, and of course why this matters for our business as well as for you, our customers and partners.

So welcome, and let’s dive straight into the first topic – with some thoughts from PERSON on TECHNOLOGY.

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