Going Mobile with GLOVIA OM

Going Mobile with GLOVIA OM

GLOVIA OM® has a reputation as a powerful, solid ERM system with real flexibility, so the release of a mobile app makes lots of sense. Employees aren’t tied to desks or clocks these days, which means they need access to information and functionality wherever they are, whatever they’re doing. Now anyone involved in order and inventory management and processing will have all the power of the entire system at their fingertips at any time, in any place.

The new app built on Salesforce Mobile SDK, can be installed on smartphones and tablets and easily ported to any major mobile OS platform. A major benefit is employees can use the app on their own mobile devices. The app works whether or not you have a live Internet connection and it works with Bluetooth-enabled devices like handheld scanners and portable printers. Users can print out accurate quotes and see full product information by scanning barcodes, all without having to use a fixed console, making life a lot simpler.

Sales agents can audit inventory at a dealers or partners location in real time so the business always has a true picture of inventory. Important client information is available during field visits and meetings. Retail agents can provide instant customer support on the shop floor without having to contact the support team for anything but the most complicated issues. Best of all, the app enables one-click order management, speeding up order processing. Sales agents and warehouse fulfillment associates using the app will find their jobs much more streamlined, intuitive, and satisfying.

What about partners and dealers? They benefit from improved efficiency and effectiveness as well. With the dramatic decrease in manual data entry, data capture is faster and more accurate. That leads to fewer costly mistakes and a better overall customer experience, which is especially important during those busy peak seasons when employees are especially prone to errors. Now that orders and deliveries can be placed from any location without the need to directly contact sales agents or place an order via a stationary computer, partners and dealers have increased mobility and flexibility in their processes.

Businesses rely on GLOVIA OM® so it’s crucial that extending the system to mobile feels like a natural step. The new app takes the system’s core principles and runs with them, improving order transparency, providing real-time access to crucial data for all involved parties and removing manual data entry to reduce human errors. It’s equally at home in both smaller, single-location companies and multinational, multi-currency corporations. Unlike legacy solutions used by many modern businesses, GLOVIA OM® comes with ongoing support and development, making it a scalable solution for growing organizations.

Going mobile with GLOVIA OM® makes for a shorter sales cycle, increased transparency of order management and processing, and faster reaction to unpredictable developments – when you’ve got all your critical information available in real time for everyone who needs it, there are far fewer things that can take your business by surprise. Your customers will enjoy a much better experience: Faster service, fewer mistakes, and problems being solved quickly on the spot will help in building a loyal customer base. The GLOVIA OM® Order and Inventory Management App is available for free Demo right now.

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