Get your weekends back!

Make IT professional's life easier

It’s weekend! You are happy to have survived the business week and you are looking forward to enjoy some relaxing and enjoyable hours with family and friends to recharge batteries, simply having fun and not thinking about business.

Don’t you? Is there something that keeps your mind busy also during weekend, preventing you from enjoying your free time?

If you are a storage IT professional, we can help you getting your weekend back.

Here are the areas to think about and the features to look for to support your business better:

  • Performance: Even midrange systems now offer to be all-flash or hybrids. Beside speed boost self-tuning features help to optimize the system for best performance.
  • Availability: Enterprise-grade features, like snapshotting and rapid recovery, as well as replication and mirroring technology to minimize any type of downtime.
  • Automation: Manual intervention or scripting is a thing of the past. Automation is key today and modern storage infrastructures offer features like storage tiering, QoS control and performance tuning
  • Efficiency: Beside Thin Provisioning are deduplication and compression technologies the features to increase efficiency. The latter especially in flash environments where speed and low latency makes it feasible to them in an efficient way,
  • Security: Data encryption can today be done almost as standard and with little or no impact on performance. And it becomes increasingly important for SMBs in all areas, especially with GDPR coming into force in 2018.

Curious about learning more about how a modern array will help ease your life? Then take a look on that paper from Freeform Dynamics.

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