Get a ‘heads-up’ on the new augmented reality possibilities for ServiceNow

HEADS-UP’ on the new augmented reality possibilities for SERVICENOW

The term, ‘heads-up’ was first used in sport – it was a message that alerted players to something that was about to happen so they could react to it quickly, or even avoid it happening at all. That was over a century ago. And at Fujitsu we’ve integrated it into ServiceNow – literally. Fujitsu’s Head Mounted Display connects the power of ServiceNow to give real-time help to workers out in the field. We believe that by combining our know-how and experience with the power of ServiceNow, we can free up your staff to concentrate on what they do best – which is running your business. You can free your business to do more business. By combining the power of ServiceNow with Fujitsu’s Head Mounted Display and innovative augmented reality (AR) solution you can avoid downtime and failures, whilst ensuring your field engineers are more productive.

The Head Mounted display is an immersive AR experience. Most of us think of ServiceNow as a flow of data and actions that are brought together to enable much more responsive and agile service management. But put on our Head Mounted Display and you realize that it’s got a rich and very practical layer that makes a real difference to people like engineers as they work to keep vital equipment up and running.

We’ll be demonstrating the technology on Booth 303 at Knowledge17, as well as in the TheatreNow space on Wednesday 10th May at 12:30. Come and experience it.

Once you put on the Head Mounted Display you can enter two scenarios. In one, a SharePoint server is identified as being at risk of running out of disc space. ServiceNow flags the problem. It generates a change request and a task is created automatically for an engineer. It’s vital the engineer gets a new disc installed quickly or the organization relying on it will hit problems. Out in the field, the Head Mounted Display worn by the engineer provides specific data about where the new disc needs to be installed, and all in the heads-up and voice controlled headset. The engineer does a hot-install, ServiceNow records the fix and closes the ticket.

No one experiences any problems anywhere in the organization. ServiceNow, boosted by Fujitsu’s AR, has enabled downtime to be avoided swiftly and economically.

In a second scenario, sensors installed by a utilities company detect that a pipe is about to fail. Using ServiceNow an engineer with the right training and tools is selected and sent out to do the work. It’s all done in real-time, with change requests and updates flowing quickly and easily. Using the Head Mounted Display the engineer receives step by step details of the required repairs to the pipe.  And central dispatch has a real-time view of the progress of the job and can monitor, within ServiceNow, the vital health of the engineer undertaking the job.

It’s actually hard to explain in words; you need to experience it in action. Which is why you should come along to the Fujitsu booth (number 303) at Knowledge17 , or see the demo acted out live at our TheaterNow presentation on Wednesday 10th May at 12:30, and get a heads-up on how AR works with ServiceNow.

See you there.

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