Gearing up for Fujitsu Forum Tokyo 2016

Twice a year, Fujitsu runs its own customer fair – Fujitsu Forum. Taking place on May 19-20, the event in Tokyo will attract upwards of 15,000 visitors. Its sister event takes place in Munich in November.

For both Fujitsu Forum events, this year’s theme is ‘Human Centric Innovation – Driving Digital Transformation.’ As regular Fujitsu watchers will be aware, we’ve been talking about helping to create a Human Centric Intelligent Society since 2013, when we first unveiled the Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision. This means putting people at the center of everything: Advances in Artificial Intelligence are accelerating, allowing the automation of more and more of what we do by hand, today. We are focusing on technology empowering people to work more creatively and maximize their potential. Fujitsu’s technology and services support everyday life, helping all of us live happier and fuller lives.
Why Driving Digital Transformation? Simply because it means a lot more than just supporting existing processes. As we go through what some are calling the fourth industrial revolution, businesses and people alike are using technology to enable innovation and create new business models.126

Next week’s event takes place in the spectacular Tokyo International Forum, which is close to the main station and the Imperial Palace, right in the heart of the city. It’s a convention center and venue for performing arts which is set into a dramatic glass atrium – from inside, it feels like you’re inside a ship – take a look at the photos on the TIF official website.

The Tokyo International Forum main auditorium seats 5000 people, and every seat in the house will be taken for one of the centerpieces of the Fujitsu Forum event: The keynote by our President, Tatsuya Tanaka and Corporate Senior Vice President and Head of Marketing, Hiroyuki Sakai. This must-see part of the program is where our company’s leadership will outline Fujitsu’s vision of the future relating to ICT and advanced technologies.

In addition to the keynote, Fujitsu Forum is comprised of a conference program and a large exhibition area which showcases an incredibly wide spectrum of new and innovative technologies. This year, the conference highlights Fujitsu’s MetaArc digital business platform, a key part of our strategy to drive digital innovation for customers. There is truly something for everyone in the conference, which involves sessions with experts, customers, and partners. Focus themes this year include Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things and big data, security, work style innovation, transportation, healthcare, digital marketing, manufacturing, as well as finance and environment.

A total of 24 seminar sessions are supplemented by hands-on sessions and interactive workshops, while there will also be an ideathon/hackathon. Seminars include presentations from Iwata City, United Arrows, Musashino Banku, Fukuoka East Medical Center, Tokyo Star Bank, Honda, Chiba Prefecture and YUKAI Engineering.

The exhibition area features stands with customers and strategic partners representing a wide spread of verticals including retail logistics, lifestyle, work style innovation, automotive and transportation, medical care, health and lifestyle, digital marketing, manufacturing, financial services, social infrastructure, sports, and food and agriculture. There’s more in the official conference guide.

Even if you’re unable to join us next week in Tokyo, you’re still going to be able to follow the main developments as the event unfolds – from your desk, or your smartphone. Keep tabs on the event on Twitter via the hashtag #FujitsuForum and check back on Face2Fujitsu for the latest news.

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