The Future is Now: Here come the Robots

The Future is Now: Here come the Robots

It’s true, the robots are truly making their way from the manufacturing floor into our lives – especially in daily administrative and operational support services. These manual labor activities, which rely on common human interaction with technology and systems, can increasingly be handled by automatons, while basic tasks of data and information processing will become more streamlined, consistent and error-free – providing businesses with a virtual worker that emulates the human process. However, and sorry to disappoint you on this one, but there’s still no chance that you’ll soon be sitting next to a physical robot at work.

The robots are indeed coming, but not as sci-fi predicted.

Thanks to the implementation of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software, which eliminates human error, businesses can instantly enjoy almost error-free results and benefit from huge cost savings, while IT infrastructure workers are freed from tedious tasks. RPA software is composed of multiple components.

First, for collection, they employ a variety of tools for grabbing digital data, which can include screen scraping, digital image recognition, the ability to access a server or be linked to a website. As the underlying technology used is non-disruptive and uses existing systems rather than replacing them, RPA is typically aimed at repetitive, low-value, labor intensive manual tasks with 24/7 processing that can lead to significant efficiency improvements and cost reductions. They also make use of rules engines similar to those found in business process management tools, but with RPA, it can be possible to achieve more complex processes that extend beyond simple data-entry positions.

Fujitsu is building partnerships with innovative companies to help address this upcoming trend of automation. As we gain momentum, we have launched Fujitsu’s RPA offering based on our partnership activities with Thoughtonomy, which is a Virtual Workforce and a flexible “as-a-service” RPA platform. It uses software to replicate the interactions of people and technology to automate a wide range of operational and support processes quickly, cost effectively and reliably.

In line with this, we have also set up a RPA Centre of Excellence (CoE) in the Nordic region within the Business Application Services (BAS) division at Fujitsu in EMEIA to drive and support our organization in Sales and Delivery. The CoE will take prime responsibility for developing Fujitsu’s RPA offerings and partnerships and is already engaged in a number of Proof of Concept projects with customers.

As part of the reshaping of our Application Transformation portfolio, the RPA offering is the first of a number that we aim to launch over the coming months to address the many innovative and disruptive changes we expect in the worlds of Automation (e.g. DevOps), Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

We also have a Robotic Process Automation video.

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    Am it Auti
    November 27, 2016

    I have shared it globally on Facebook. Nice clip.

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