Fujitsu’s Virtual Workplace solution

This blog is not only designed to tell you about current products and campaigns, it is also designed to give you a hint on new trends and upcoming technologies in the IT business.

I had a Q&A session with my colleague Gernot Fels, who is sort of the mastermind for all desktop virtualization topics.

In today’s blog post we want to take the chance to talk about such a new trend, called “Virtual Workplace”.

Markus: Gernot, what’s behind “Virtual Workplace”?
Gernot: To understand the topic, it is necessary to give you a short introduction on the history and development steps.
PC workplaces are widely present and proven the world over. But such workplaces also bring some challenges for the IT organization: support has to be provided; a complex IT infrastructure has to be maintained as well as the PCs have to be maintained with updates, patches and so on. Backups of the end users locally stored data are not ensured, this can also be a big compliance issue. Not to mention that the IT resources are under-utilized, a CPU has a utilization-rate of less than 1% regarding a 24h day.

Markus: I am sure that many people who work at PC workplaces never thought about the details behind this concept. So, what is the solution to the problems?

Please click here to read the full interview.
VDI infrastructure

Virtual Workplace: Solution stack

The big picture of Fujitsu's solutions

Or please click here to read the White Paper for Virtual Workplace.

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    End of the World
    October 28, 2009

    Thank's for sharing this This is really interesting

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    44dd Bbw
    December 18, 2009

    yoo... love this thread

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    Care Bear
    July 27, 2010

    nice article plus an interesting whitepaper.

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