Fujitsu’s Human-Centric AI Helps Enable Faster, Improved Clinical Decision-Making

Here at #FujitsuForum we are showing a new healthcare solution designed to improve clinical decision-making, following a successful field trial with San Carlos Clinical Hospital in Madrid. The solution has been developed on the back of the company’s in-depth research into applying advanced data analytics for healthcare applications. It has involved working in close collaboration with San Carlos Clinical Hospital’s expert clinicians, applying Fujitsu’s principles of co-creation to deliver tangible value in the field of mental healthcare. It deploys Fujitsu Laboratories’ state of the art anonymization technologies and Fujitsu’s data analytics technologies, tailored to meet the specific needs of the local Spanish healthcare sector. The technology will form the basis of a new Health Application Programming Interface (API), to be deployed in the Fujitsu cloud or delivered locally in a private cluster or cloud.

The field trial took place over a 6-month period, involving senior mental health clinicians from San Carlos Clinical Hospital and a core database of over 36,000 anonymized patient records. Fujitsu leveraged this database to develop its Advanced Clinical Research Information System, based on its advanced artificial intelligence expertise including data analytics and semantic modelling. In the field trial, each of the clinicians looked at issues associated with the main diagnosis, any co-morbidities, potential risks from suicide, substance or alcohol abuse, and the patient history of using the healthcare system. Fujitsu’s system demonstrated a very high degree of risk assessment accuracy, with the system accelerating and systemizing the verification of key clinical data and identification of existing clinical problems. It achieved results of over 85 percent to identify suicide, alcohol and drug abuse risk.

Open innovation and co-creation represent essential elements in Fujitsu’s objective of applying advanced data analytics to create a truly integrated healthcare solution, as Dr Tsuneo Nakata, CEO of Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe concludes: “Working collaboratively with San Carlos Clinical Hospital has allowed us to accelerate the innovation process and achieve important results, solving real-world problems much more quickly and efficiently. The field trial’s success has been key to developing the new Health API, demonstrating how the R&D and innovation process can be transformed rapidly into a tangible business solution. We will continue to enhance the technology behind the Health API, showing how our advanced artificial intelligence expertise can be deployed in state of the art solutions that benefit society.”

This system is part of Fujitsu’s digital solutions and services being developed under the human-centric AI initiative, Zinrai. This comprises a comprehensive framework of component technology, such as machine learning, deep learning and visual recognition.

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