Fujitsu’s Fundamental Approach to the Environment

On June 29th, the Mayor of the City of Munich, Hep Monatzeder, decorated Fujitsu with the Bronze Membership Award due to its outstanding engagement in the environmental area.

Fujitsu’s Fundamental Approach to the Environment
From its beginnings more than 75 years ago, Fujitsu has become a leading global ICT player focused on building enduring relationships and committed to sustainability. Our mission is to create a prosperous, low-carbon future. Our vision is to achieve this through IT innovations that reduce society’s environmental footprint and the impact of IT itself through Green Policy Innovation program.

Mission of the “Munich for Climate Protection Club” is to drive innovative approaches to reduce GHG emissions thus helping to create a low-carbon city as a role model.  Further details can be downloaded at:

Here, you will also see smart mobility services such as the taxi sharing app colexio:

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    Petra von Thienen
    July 19, 2012

    What a pity that FTS has no profil page on the site. There is no concrete information about the measures the company has undertaken to contribute to the protection of the environment and sustainability, and why it was awarded.

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    Susanne Brügelmann
    July 19, 2012

    The profil page is on my action list, i.e. it is currently being created, and we hope that it will be finalized soon. Best regards, Susanne

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