Fujitsu World Tour sets new record and finishes first leg in Italy. So far: 20 countries and more than 10,000 attendees

In Italy, Fujitsu World Tour Celebrated IT Without Borders

The first leg of the Fujitsu World Tour came to an end on a high note in Italy on July 5, with Fujitsu setting a new record in having attracted more than 10,000 visitors in total as the event rolled through 20 countries. Under the theme of Human Centric Innovation – Driving Digital Transformation, Fujitsu, our customers and partners across Europe and in the US have been able to showcase – to a massive combined audience – just how Fujitsu uses human intelligence to mold technology around specific needs, attracting new leads and future-proofing current technology needs.

The Milan event coincided with the global roll out of Fujitsu’s Cloud Service K5. This is a key element of our Digital Business Platform MetaArc, and opens the gateway to a realm of new possibilities when embarking on the road to digital transformation. Visitors were able to understand how it is possible to put aside initial worries about upfront cost investments and factors such as vendor lock-in, as we demonstrated the benefits of OpenStack-based cloud technology and the reality that is Hybrid IT, where customers have successfully brought together their ‘Robust IT’ systems of record and their cloud-based ‘Fast IT’ systems of engagement. My colleague Mark Phillips recently blogged about the K5 launch, so have a read if you’d like to learn more.

In Italy, we celebrated the finale of the first leg of the Fujitsu World Tour with a local record of 830 visitors, pushing the cumulative total past the magical 10,000 mark. We decided to celebrate this milestone by donating a STYLISTIC R726, Fujitsu’s new 2-in-1 tablet with world-class mobility features, to the Italian not-for-profit organization Informatici Senza Frontiere or ISF (which translates to IT Without Borders). Lodovico Grompo joined us on stage to collect the device, representing t he ISF, which is dedicated to using IT knowledge and tools to provide practical help to those who live in poverty. Bruno Sirletti, VP, Head of Fujitsu Italy, presented the STYLISTIC R726. The donation to this Italian “Onlus” (a not-for-profit organization) is the latest gesture in Fujitsu’s long-term support for the ISF in its pursuit of educating disadvantaged people through literacy programs, creating computerized classrooms and networked infrastructure that enables collaboration with other schools and even hospitals.

ISF was founded in 2005 with the objective of bridging the digital divide. In almost ten years, it has grown and now has ten regional sections with more than 300 members. These are computer experts and volunteers contributing to the association’s goals across Italy and in developing countries. The charity has put together courses in computer programming and networking to help with the computerization of hospitals, universities, and even prisons! Furthermore, helping those with disabilities is even more paramount to the cause.

The ISF’s work is getting noticed around the world: Recently, the United Nations called upon the ISF to recap on the work it did in Geneva during the World Summit on the Information Society Forum in 2013, recognizing it as a real representative at a European level of what IT can do in the difficult field of disability and poverty. In February 2014, the ISF created the app “Paperboy”, running on smartphones, tablets and computers, to help the blind and visually-impaired to audio-read newspapers and other text. It was also an award finalist in the world 2014 ITU World Summit on the Information Society.

All in all, the event in Milan ensured that the Fujitsu World Tour finished its first leg on a high. Over the last few months, we’ve been from Helsinki to Madrid, over to Orlando in Florida and back up to Stockholm. Next stop on the agenda is Johannesburg, South Africa on August 18 – see you there?



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