Fujitsu supports the students of UAS Augsburg for Formula Student Electric

Today I’m happy to welcome our  guest blogger Linda Weber, Head of Business from StarkStrom Augsburg:

„StarkStrom Augsburg“ is an incorporated association of the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg consisting of approximately 70 students from different faculties, mainly Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Business Studies.

(C)FSG - Harald Almonat
(C)FSG - Harald Almonat

Together we build an electrically driven racing car in order to participate in the International Design Competition “Formula Student Germany” organised by the Society of Automotive
Engineers (SAE) VDI-FVT, which will take place on the race track in Hockenheim the first week of August 2012. Each year around 100 international racing teams take part in either the Formula Students Combustion contest or the Formula Student Electric contest depending on the drive configuration. Each team spends one year of hard work designing, building and testing their cars – and in Hockenheim they will present their results to the judges and show off their technical solutions on the race track. Formula Student   Germany stands for the unique atmosphere of innovation, commitment, fun and race ambiance of over 2000 motivated and talented students from all over the world.

Already since 2010, when StarkStrom Augsburg was still in the earliest stages of development, Fujitsu has been supporting our team as one of the main sponsors and accompanies us on the exciting path to design and to build an electrically driven racing car by ourselves.
Anyone, who has ever had the opportunity, to take a closer look on a Formula Student racing car, could see that this is not about soapboxes. Every single component runs through an optimization cycle and will be designed, calculated and redesigned again. These optimisation steps are especially for a new team like ours vital and indispensable. This is where Fujitsu supports us.

As our own notebooks are not suitable for constructing, individual FEM-calculations would take several hours. But the Fujitsu CELSIUS Workstations enable us to work much more efficient and we can already discuss the results after few minutes.

Even with other CAE-programs the professional computer has no problems with the huge amount of data. This helped us immensely, particularly observing the entire car.

Therefore, we are very grateful for the huge support of  Fujitsu. We are looking forward to the further cooperation!

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    January 21, 2012

    FSG(!) is organized by VDI-FVT, not SAE ;)

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    Friederike Rühling
    January 23, 2012

    Thanks for your feedback Andy. I have changed it into VDI-FVT

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