Fujitsu SPARC at Oracle Open World 2018

Another year and another exhilarating Oracle OpenWorld is now behind us. Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth—we enjoyed meeting you and talking about your business and technology needs. We were very happy to see that a large number of attendees were interested to hear more about Fujitsu’s innovative Solaris/SPARC server solutions.

One of the most interesting points of discussion was that according to the people we spoke with, the majority of today’s applications are going to remain in the data center – and not move to a public cloud. This lines up with research by Rightscale in 2017 and 2018 showing that real world users say that nearly 70% of their enterprise workloads will remain in their data centers.

We also found that quite a few of you plan to stay on Oracle Solaris 10 for the foreseeable future. In fact, many want to continue using Solaris 8 and 9. You don’t want to risk migrating your mission critical Solaris applications to Oracle Solaris 11, particularly when you have not yet trained your personnel on the new operating system.

With Fujitsu SPARC servers, you can run Solaris natively on bare metal or run Solaris 8 or 9 in Solaris 10 containers without having to host the environment with Solaris 11.x (this is unique to Fujitsu servers). This allows you to take advantage of our new system technology, which yields 4-8x more performance vs. older systems, takes up to 93% less space in your racks, uses up to 83% less power, and cuts maintenance fees by up to 91%. All of this, while staying with your tried and true applications and eliminating the need to abandon your existing application investments.

Depending on your situation, you may also be able to reduce the number of software licenses you need. Because the new Fujitsu SPARC M12 cores are so powerful, you need fewer of them to run your current applications, meaning that if your software is licensed per core, you won’t need nearly as many licensed cores.

One of the most compelling customer stories to come out of OOW18 is Bioclinia, a world leader in technology solutions for clinical research. A consolidation project was led by Mythics and involved consolidating more than a dozen older SPARC servers to three Fujitsu SPARC M12-2 servers, which resulted in huge maintenance and software licensing cost savings.

At our VIP appreciation reception, we awarded “Partner of the Year” to two business partners who have played a large role in our success this year. The first, Eclipsys Solutions Inc., is a Canadian reseller which specializes in optimizing customers’ Oracle investments. The second, Insight Enterprises Inc., is U.S.-based reseller selling hardware and software solutions to small businesses in the U.S., Canada, and the United Kingdom.  Congratulations!

We had a great time at Oracle OpenWorld 2018 and the best part of it was meeting you, our current and hopefully future customers. Thank you for such a warm reception!

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