Fujitsu shows PalmSecure(TM) ID Match for biometric authentication with Smartphone

The PalmSecure technology for biometric palm vein recognition is already counting as one of the most advanced and secured biometric authentication methods worldwide. With the new PalmSecure ID Match device, Fujitsu adds a new dimension of security to badges and cards and from now on as well to smartphones.  As first multifactor device using palm vein technology, the ID Match enables a highly secured two-factor authentication by carrying the biometric identity token on a card and no longer on a central database. With this Fujitsu answers the  legal and market requirement to prevent unauthorized access/hack of  personal biometric data .

At #FujitsuForum 2015 a new smartphone-based ID Match solution is shown for the first time outside Europe. Thereby the biometric palm vein template is stored in a secured app on the smartphone, while the ID Match is doing the verification directly in the device. The two devices communicate via Bluetooth or other networks. If the records match, the PalmVein unit (which can be static) will allow, for example, a door or a personal workstation to be unlocked.

Foto 4

This innovative and brand new development can be imagined to be used in Retail, Banking or Entertainment for payment transactions, physical access control or loyalty card programs. However, there are endless possibilities imaginable for those kinds of use cases and we are very excited about what is still coming up.

You can visit us at #FujitsuForum and find out more about the ID Match device and its possibilities here.

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