Fujitsu – one of the world’s most admired companies

 Fujitsu’s inclusion in the 2015 Fortune Magazine “World’s Most Admired Companies” list is the result of the high scores the company received on multiple criteria. According to the list, Fujitsu not only performed well in terms of innovation, but also in the areas of social responsibility, use of corporate assets, management quality, and quality of products and services.


Sustainable Development
This is the third consecutive year that Fujitsu has appeared on the list of the world’s most admired companies. The list contains 349 companies, 14 of which are of Japanese origin. By promoting business activities which prioritize society, the environment and governance, Fujitsu strives to make a contribution to sustainable development as a global IT company.

World’s Most Admired Companies
The Fortune 2015 list was the result of collaboration between Fortune Magazine and consultancy firm, Hay Group. Surveys of 15,000 top managers, directors and analysts determine which names do and don’t make the cut. Those companies awarded highest scores from both inside and outside their sector are divided into nine categories, including management quality, quality of products and services, and innovation. Inclusion in the prestigious list can be particularly helpful to companies with regard to recruiting and developing top talent — an area of expertise for the Hay Group.

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