Fujitsu Named Among Top Three IoT Systems Integrators by IT Decision Makers

Fujitsu Named Among Top Three IoT Systems Integrators by IT Decision Makers

Leading analyst firm IDC held a webcast recently, IoT Talks: IDC’s 2017 Global IoT Decision-Maker Survey Launch to share the insights gained from its fifth annual global Internet of Things (IoT) decision-maker survey. Now established as a significant annual study, this gathers the opinions of more than 3,500 senior international enterprise IT and business decision makers to understand their perception of the Internet of Things as well as their early IoT deployments, or plans for deployment. One of the questions asked to survey respondents was: “What vendor do you see emerging as a leader in the Internet of Things market?” – and I’m delighted to report that survey respondents put Fujitsu alongside IBM and Accenture in the top three systems integrators. This is the first time that Fujitsu has featured in the survey, which really underlines the progress we have made over the last twelve months on the IoT front – not only in terms of getting on with the task of delivering actual solutions for our customers, but also in how we are perceived as a company that understands IoT and that can help businesses with their deployments.

IDC survey results also support the strides that our customers are making in terms of reaping the benefits of IoT – for example the transformative digital twin we implemented for Baker Hughes and the sophisticated tracking solution deployed for radio equipment rental company BearCom.

This perception among IT decision makers also validates our digital co-creation approach and philosophy. We believe that the secret to achieving success in IoT projects is designing and deploying solutions that align closely to a business’ goals. And to do that, we work closely with our customers, bringing complementary expertise to ensure that the implementation will deliver real business benefits.

IDC analysts Vernon Turner and Carrie MacGillivray also presented a number of additional insights into the changing IoT market, based on this extensive survey. For example, they examined the current velocity of the IoT market – to understand how fast businesses are deploying IoT, and where they are in the process. That last factor is important as it provides a reality check as to how far along the line companies are with their IoT deployments – whether they are still at the proof of concept stage, or in production, and whether they are satisfied with achievement so far. The findings were very positive; almost 50 percent of those surveyed have already deployed an IoT solution and are planning to extend in the next 12-24 months. This supports the IDC prediction earlier this year (IDC Worldwide Semiannual Internet of Things Spending Guide June 2017) which forecast 16.7 percent year over year growth, with the market growing to just above $800 billion.

Findings also show that IoT is also coming to the fore as an enabling technology. They prove that IoT projects are no longer peripheral to organizations, with respondents reporting that 80 percent of IoT deployments now being considered either ‘transformational’ or ‘strategic’. While most industries are currently at approximately the same stage of adoption today, IDC predicts that some, particularly manufacturing and life sciences, are starting to realize significant benefits from IoT deployments and will start pulling ahead of the rest. The government sector was flagged as an industry that is likely to fall behind.

You can watch the webcast on-demand here.

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