Fujitsu Makes Industrial IoT happen @ SAPPHIRE NOW 2016

Phased approach towards Industrial IoT

We can make them happenEveryone is talking about Industrial IoT solutions! At SAPPHIRE Now 2016 Fujitsu will vividly demonstrate how we can make them happen.

Fujitsu Connected Enterprise Solutions based on SAP HANA and Fujitsu IoT technologies help enterprises to transform their manufacturing and asset operations in order to achieve better business results.

Fujitsu Connected Enterprise solutions can do more than just connect things with each other (such as equipment, machines, systems, etc.) – they also form an intelligent network centered around people and processes. Our business-oriented and phased approach makes sure that organizations can rapidly reap the benefits of their new Industrial IoT solutions.

Our experts are ready to welcome you and offer proof at SAPPHIRE NOW 2016!

Feel free to:

  • Visit our booth (#137), where we will show digital manufacturing using a tangible demonstration of a mini-factory mounted with sensors and controllers. We will also present the action insights into all aspects of operations, and the algorithm-driven optimizations such as predictive maintenance and predictive quality analytics.
  • Attend the Fujitsu presentation (Theater 2 | Wednesday, May 18 |12:00 – 12:20 pm):
    Fast track to the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) with SAP HANA platform and Fujitsu IoT technologies
  • Listen to a short solution introduction (mini theater at Fujitsu booth #137 | Wednesday, May 18 | 3:45 pm): Fast track to the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) with SAP HANA and Fujitsu IoT technologies

For more details about the broad range of exciting products, solutions and services which will be presented in Orlando, please visit the Fujitsu SAPPHIRE NOW 2016 website.

For further information on Industrial IoT, please download the Fujitsu White Paper “The Connected Enterprise: Making the Industrial IoT Happen – Right Here, Right Now“ here.

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