Fujitsu LIFEBOOK Soars to New Heights Aboard a 747 Jumbo Jet

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As some of you know my name is Shuichi Matsumoto and I am a product marketing manager at Fujitsu. Today, I want to tell you about the pilot, Peter Thorpe. He flies a 747 “Jumbo Jet” with a top speed of over 1000kms per hour weighing over 162 tonnes and is a proud owner of the LIFEBOOK P1510, an ultra light convertible Tablet PC weighing just 1kg.

Peter told a lot about his daily work with the LIFEBOOK P1510 in the cockpit. He uses the LIFEBOOK P1510 as a supplementary reference tool to the plane´s navigation. Pilots always need to know their surroundings from take off, cruising and landing. The LIFEBOOK P1510 and the installed “flight management system” Pocket FMS software constantly display his surroundings using GPS-based maps. The laptop‘s touch screen allows Peter an easy and quick navigation.

Besides the latest weather patterns, satellite images, temperatures and jet stream data are downloaded. In addition, compared to standard navigation displays screens, the LIFEBOOK P1510 delivers with more detail and colour through its bright 8.9-inch wide screen at any angle.

For the flight strict standards on safety, much of the flight manuals and procedures are downloaded into the LIFEBOOK P1510 for ready access of the files in the cockpit. With flight manuals stored in the hard drive, the pilot can easily access the information hence saving the need for bulky hardcopies in the tightly spaced flight deck.

For Peter, the small size and the weight with only 1 kg is an enormous support in his typical working life. He can use the LIFEBOOK P1510 on his lap and it works for hours without feeling the strain of its weight. When going through the security, he can remove the laptop in a snap with just two fingers.

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