Fujitsu Innovation to Berlin on May 23, 2017

Berlin was the venue for the 5th annual Fujitsu Innovation Gathering and the German stop for the Fujitsu World Tour, where Fujitsu presented its vision for Human Centric Innovation and Digital Co-Creation to more than 900 visitors.

Teams from our global Laboratories – from Japan, China, North America and Europe – joined together to present some of our latest and most exciting technologies, all driven by the need to find solutions to real-world problems.

Fujitsu Laboratories’ mission is to drive the Fujitsu Group growth with our leading-edge technologies. In order to achieve this, we collaborate with numerous research institutes and universities worldwide, as well as working closely with customers and Fujitsu businesses. Currently, we are engaged in a total of 44 global R&D collaborations in 14 countries, and have been executing field trials with customers to ensure the effectiveness of our technologies for Fujitsu’s businesses.

During my keynote presentation at the Fujitsu Innovation Gathering, I explained how we are creating the hyperconnected cloud for co-creation in the digital society. In our increasingly connected world, we have to continue to find solutions that remove social concerns or worries caused by ICT. For this purpose, we have to solve complicated combinatorial problems by using tons of data. This requires us to develop revolutionary new technologies for computer architecture, network, cloud system, AI, and security, involving the connection of the myriad pieces of data more wisely, precisely, and securely.

We also have to enhance the capabilities of ICT to deal with the surging number of connections.

This is Fujitsu Laboratories’ mission, which can be summarized across three key areas:

  • To continuously produce R&D results that will amaze the world.
  • To quickly deploy the R&D results to Proof of Concept and Proof of Business on a global scale.
  • Finally, to generate innovations, including new business models that resonate through global markets.

In Berlin, we introduced some of the latest results of our work, particularly in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and security. This included the announcement of a new deep learning technology that overcomes the current GPU memory restrictions and enables existing computing infrastructures to address largescale AI challenges, without the need for additional major investment in infrastructure.

We also highlighted the essential role of co-creation – illustrated by three key projects. In a joint research project with San Carlos Hospital in Spain, we have developed a diagnosis support system for mental patients using AI, and executed the first field trial. In Singapore, we are working jointly with A*STAR and Singapore Management University, researching how to solve urban problems for the co-creation of a sustainable society. And in China, Fujitsu Laboratories has developed a technology for real-time smart city monitoring, using image recognition with AI technology. We also announced a major new initiative with Siemens Gamesa, involving an innovative new solution for improving quality control in the manufacturing of wind turbines.

Digital co-creation is our focus – and as we mark the close of our latest Fujitsu Innovation Gathering, I look forward to welcoming you to next year’s event where we can demonstrate even more exciting results!

Duncan Tait with Dr Adel Rouz – getting an insight into the latest innovation on show from Fujitsu Laboratories, including the new deep learning technology.

Duncan Tait with Dr Adel Rouz – getting an insight into the latest innovations on show from Fujitsu Laboratories, including the new deep learning technology.

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