Fujitsu Forum Tokyo is where Human Centric Innovation takes Centre Stage to Drive Digital Transformation

This week is one of the biggest in the year for Fujitsu, because Fujitsu Forum is currently taking place in Tokyo. This event and its counterpart in Munich, which takes place each November, is an opportunity  to showcase the full scope of our capabilities and bring out some of the exciting new concepts we’ve been working on behind the scenes for months.

This week in Tokyo, under the theme Human Centric Innovation – Driving Digital Transformation, Fujitsu delivered a heart-thumping, eye-widening array of demonstrations that really wowed our more than 20,000 visitors. For me, the event was a proof point of just how Fujitsu is truly able to deliver world-class technologies and products that combine the best of our technology-oriented culture with a tireless pursuit of uncompromising craftsmanship.

One of the highlights – the sheer weight of evidence as proof of Fujitsu’s visual perception and understanding of how the world is becoming digitalized and how businesses, people and processes are transforming the manner in which we interact with ICT. The keynotes by our President, Tatsuya Tanaka, and Corporate Senior Vice President and Head of Marketing, Hiroyuki Sakai, were the must-see part of the program. In a conference center filled to capacity, our leaders outlined how Fujitsu’s vision of the future relates to ICT and advanced technologies. As President Tanaka said: ‘Technology will make people happy’ – and this is truly the case.

Fujitsu Forum also brought more news on our Digital Business Platform MetaArc. Announced at the end of last year, MetaArc sits at the heart of Digital Transformation, with powerful capabilities that ensure that our customers can digitalize with confidence. How? By making the breakthrough in being able to seamlessly link newer technologies, often called Systems of Engagement or SoE, with the classical elements that are the foundation stones of every enterprise, their Systems of Record, or SoR.

Only when you are able to link the two into a hybrid IT landscape can you expect true value – ensuring that you can seamlessly bring about digital transformation, leveraging cloud, mobile, big data, the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other advanced technologies. It’s MetaArc that provides the aforementioned confidence, ensuring that organizations can easily extract the deep-rooted intelligence and make it available to newer systems.

A good example of how these technologies are advanced is HAB-YU, which represents a revolution in how humans will interact and collaborate with each other, using ground breaking technology that removes the physical barriers to join people and solve problems, form bonds, create ideas and work seamlessly together – even if they are located thousands of miles apart – all via digitalization. HAB-YU is able to transform a normal meeting room into a digital, interactive space. The project’s aim is to empower people to create a harmonious and intelligent human-centric approach to business and social innovation and to be easy to use, as the UK’s Treasury Minister, George Osbourne, was recently able to demonstrate.

We also showcased a new AI platform called Anna. It – or should I say ‘she’? – is a powerful, voice activated intelligence dashboard that enables businesses with multiple locations to manage resources and solve issues in areas such as manufacturing and the supply chain. A short demo shows this in action.

That’s just an insight into some of the highlights from Fujitsu Forum Tokyo this week – and rest assured there will be more to come this November in Munich. See you there?

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