Fujitsu Forum – Reshaping the Workplace

Fujitsu is reshaping the workplace with a variety of new amazing devices and solutions, also incorporating Windows 8, to offer an entirely new user experience. This year we have assigned our devices to user scenarios, which are familiar to our business clients: from the office, airport, hotel lobby and home, to a library and a free-time venue – in which you can see our products in action.


Let’s start our day in the Office

At the Fujitsu Forum we are launching our X line family, comprising 3 different technologies and taking your working experience in the office to the next level. The ESPRIMO X913, together with the Display X as a second monitor and the FUTRO X913, creates an uniform office environment, avoiding envy amongst colleagues. Optional multi-touch display – works excellently with Windows 8 optimized Apps



Customers using virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI) are perfectly served with the new thin client FUTRO Z220 supporting virtualization infrastructures of Citrix, VMware and Microsoft.

For applications needing a high graphic performance we are showing in the “back office” the new way of working with the workstation in the datacenter. The power user gets the full performance from the datacenter and benefit from an uncluttered desk Fujitsu CELSIUS C620 delivering full graphics performance out of the datacenter.


We have developed a range of products, which are ideally suited to frequent travelers, who often find themselves in airport waiting halls, and who prioritize travelling light, having easy access to their data and use their time most efficiently. A particular highlight is the sleek and stylish LIFEBOOK U772 Ultrabook™, the perfect device for business trips. It combines lowest weight (1,4) kg., fastes tconnectiviy with its 4G/LTE option for ultimate mobility and high security with fingerprint, Full Disk Encryption limiting damage when being stolen.

Hotel Lobby


Following the frequent traveler from the airport to the hotel lobby, where he wants to check his work emails in full size one last time without unpacking his notebook, we see him attach his Mobile Phone to the Fujitsu Display X23T-1 MHL: smartphone content can be viewed on the 23-inch screen and requires only one cable to use and charge the smart phone in parallel.


Modern workers cannot live without constantly being in touch and online.


Even in their Leisure time:


Sitting in a deck chair, on the beach or in a café, modern workers like to have access to their business data and to the internet in the Fujitsu Personal Cloud, the Fujitsu STYLISTIC M532 (Android) business tablet combining universal connectivity with secure email management and pre-installed VDI applications make it ready for business


The STYLISTIC Q572 is the ideal tablet for mobile professionals in business supportinh Pen- and finger-input supported for flexible working and Enterprise-class security features protect sensitive data.

Of course we have much more to offer. See for yourself..

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