Fujitsu Forum preview: What to expect from the products on the floor

Fujitsu Forum preview: What to expect from the products on the floor

Fujitsu Forum is nearly here. With over 600 talks, 50 breakout sessions and an extensive showcase in Munich, this year’s Forum promises to be an exciting exhibition of the latest technology from Fujitsu and how it will impact businesses and society. But what can you expect on the product side? To whet your appetite, here is a preview of five of this year’s product highlights.

Taking the all new ETERNUS AF for a spin

We will have a world premier showing for our newly launched Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS AF. ETERNUS AF is an incredibly fast and flexible all-flash storage system for the next generation data center, making flash the new normal for enterprise IT. Response times are ultra-low – in fact, they set performance records. To celebrate the ETERNUS AF’s speed and exceptional performance, we’ll be taking visitors for a spin in our race car simulator. Luckily, our new model matches speed with safety, protecting data with full-fledged DR with mirroring and automated transparent failover. This is a ride not to be missed.

Can you really improve your luck at roulette?

We will be demonstrating the power of big data with our very own roulette wheel. Step right up and place your bet; after you’ve spun the wheel, we’ll show you our database of past bets – and past results. Could data be key to winning at roulette? If this data can show you where to place your next bet, imagine how your own business data can help you make your next decision. Speak to our analytics team to learn more.

Cybersecurity locked down

Cybersecurity should be at the top of every board room agenda – and it’s very much part of ours at Fujitsu Forum, with our dedicated security space. You’ll be able to see first-hand our unique biometric PalmSecure technology and how it can be applied in identity and access management solutions. We’ll also be showing our innovative end to end security solution Fujitsu SURIENT. You can see spectacular cyber-attack and defend scenarios to get a true to life view of intelligent cybersecurity in the field. Our experts will be on hand to discuss all the latest trends and innovations in the cybersecurity field, with a series of talks and breakout sessions. Phew!

A sneak peek #1 – ultra-mobile launch

In one of the major launches at this year’s show, Fujitsu will announce a new ultra-mobile series. The new ultra-mobile family will have an entirely new product design concept which incorporates the highest security features, while reducing complexity and cost. Join us at the unveiling to see how our new ultra-mobile products will support all of your modern business requirements.

A sneak peek #2 – the integrated data center

With the increasing pressure to put flexibility and speed first, while keeping an eye on costs, it’s clear that datacenters must become more business-centric. The software defined datacenter can offer a host of advantages, including efficiency, agility and resilience – but can present challenges for businesses using the ‘DIY’ approach. At Forum, we’ll be launching an all new turnkey hyper-converged software-defined data center infrastructure. We believe this will be the go-to alternative to piece-part IT infrastructure. Hyper-converge with us at the show to learn more.

Fujitsu Forum 2016 will be taking place from 16 – 17 November at the ICM, Munich. For more information and free registration, visit

Can’t join us? For all of the action from the show, follow our Youtube channel at

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  • avatar image
    Ivan Petkov
    November 17, 2016

    What happend with superior series of Fujitsu Laptops, I mean upgrade of uptrabook u904 /introduced more than 3 years ago!/. Everything is somehow frozen.... Almost same with other models. I expect from Fujitsu new models with 4K, lighter than 1 kg, new components inside. Any news?

  • avatar image
    Jana Pütz
    November 25, 2016

    Hello Ivan Petkov, you can be sure that new superior notebooks are already on the roadmap for next year. Best regards.

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