Fujitsu Forum 2017: Experience digital Co-creation – live and hands-on

Fujitsu Forum 2017 Experience digital co-creation – live and hands-on

Digital co-creation has generated a significant buzz of late, but what’s it really all about and how does it work in practice? We’ll be answering these questions at Fujitsu Forum 2017 – bannered “Human Centric Innovation – Digital Co-creation” – on November 8-9 at the ICM in Munich, and we’re inviting you to take part: Come and explore with us the challenges of our digital future.

What is digital co-creation?

Co-creation is a collaboration model designed to produce a pool of ideas – ideas that help participants to develop new thinking in all kinds of areas. It’s an approach that brings together business units, partner organizations and individuals who may never have worked together before. Sharing different perspectives between, say, customers, suppliers, partners, startups and researchers, it gives rise to new ideas and delivers compelling results. Engaging in co-creative thinking with others can take ideas in new directions that might never have happened in a conventional development process.

Products co-developed by manufacturers and customers are an outstanding example of how this approach can create win-win situations: The manufacturer benefits from understanding the customer’s needs better, and the customer gets a product that exactly meets their expectations. This principle can be applied not just to the co-development of products, it can extend to almost any challenge, including the development of new business models. Digital co-creation is about using digital technology in the collaborative process to achieve transformative outcomes.

And this is where Fujitsu Forum 2017 picks up. Co-creation was already front and center at Fujitsu Forum 2016, where our Co-creation Station let you design your ideal work station of the future. This year, we’re taking things a step further by showing how Fujitsu digital technology can serve as an enabler, providing a basis for co-creation to happen. In Co-creation Sessions and our interactive Co-creation Arena, including brief presentations, we’ll be explaining our co-creation concept and showing how we’re already putting it to work in successful collaboration initiatives with partners.

Co-creation live at Fujitsu Forum 2017

Fujitsu Forum 2017 is an opportunity to attend keynotes, expert talks and breakout sessions that let you tap into the extensive knowledge of a number of international IT experts. There are also 19 Co-creation Sessions that you can join to talk with experts in a range of fields and discuss your organization’s potential when it comes to digital transformation. We can work out together how you can benefit from emerging ICT trends.

Experience live how we can use co-creation to find the most efficient digital solutions for your business. We’ve lined up Co-creation sessions on a range of topics for you – just choose the ones that look the most interesting for you and your team.

The Co-creation Sessions are grouped into five headline topics:

  • Cyber Security
  • Enabling Digital
  • Hyperconnected Business
  • Infrastructure for the Digital World
  • Mobilizing the Enterprise

The Co-creation Sessions – something for everyone

Here’s a quick run-down of the Fujitsu Forum 2017 program so that you can see the ground to be covered by the Co-creation Sessions. You can preview all the events, including other interesting Co-creation sessions, in our Agenda Builder.

Identification: Quick, simple and reliable using biometrics

Two key factors are critical for organizations aiming to offer a better customer experience: Customers want things to be quick and easy. Travelers, for instance, expect passport and ticket checks to be fast and efficient. This means governments and organizations need to be properly equipped to verify individuals’ identities exactly and effectively. Businesses have to ensure that only authorized individuals can access sensitive areas; it gives customers peace of mind that their data is safe – and helps deliver a better service. All this can be accomplished with the advanced biometrics methods available today: They offer greater security and ease-of-use than passwords or keys. Plus, there’s no risk that customers or employees might lose their biometric data. You can discuss the right solutions for your organization with experts in Session 24, 105 or 130.

Tomorrow’s workplace: Flexible and efficient

Digital transformation is changing the way we work. We need to be increasingly flexible, working while on the road or in meetings, and with coworkers in other countries – all in real time. Networks and digital solutions that provide instant access to the latest data, anywhere and anytime, can create the conditions to make this happen. In Session 53, work with our experts to design your digital office of the future.

Data management: Smart and interconnected

Are you ready and equipped to manage rapidly growing volumes of data? Are you up-to-date on the latest security risks and best security practices? With AI, cloud solutions and accelerated computing, you can create exactly the right solution for your data management needs. Guided by our experts, find out which solution is the most efficient for your business in Session 34, 35, 41 or 115.

Blockchain: Chaos or an opportunity?

The advantages of a blockchain database lie in its high security. More than just a foundation for tomorrow’s business transactions using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, it can also help secure your business against manipulation attempts. However, switching to a blockchain solution may pose a significant challenge for businesses because it can involve big changes for employees required to migrate best practices to the innovative technology. Explore the opportunities for your own business model with our experts in Session 4.

Digital Co-creation – join us at Fujitsu Forum 2017

Digital transformation creates a range of opportunities for businesses: IoT, cloud solutions and AI can help them streamline processes and deliver a better customer experience. As the fundamental changes caused by digital transformation begin to unfold, now is the right time for businesses to explore potential growth opportunities and prepare specific implementation plans. In the Co-creation Sessions at Fujitsu Forum 2017, our experts want to work with you to find creative ideas for the best digital solutions for your organization’s goals. This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss!

Have you registered for Fujitsu Forum yet? You can find all the information you need and sign up here at our microsite. Are you interested in joining one or more of our Co-creation Sessions? If so, contact your sales agent and they’ll take care of the booking for you. Would you like to take part in the co-creation conversation before, during and after Fujitsu Forum? Keep up-to-date with the hashtag #FujitsuForum.

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