Fujitsu employees stay fit!

Fujitsu teams are the fastest company teams….

For a few weeks now, I have been doing an internship with Fujitsu Technology Solutions in Augsburg. On my first day of work, I was asked to join the Fujitsu women’s team for a county-run coming up on June 13. The women’s team was made up of my boss and colleagues, so I gratefully accepted the invitation.
To prepare, we ran in the mornings before we started our day in the office. It was a lot of fun to run with and get to know the people I work with every day. And guess what: also my boss is a human, a very nice one actually 🙂

Last Sunday it was time to show how well prepared we were. Eight male and eight female Fujitsu employees – working in engineering, development, or service – ran in a huge county-run with roughly about 1,600 participants. The relay was as much fun as the preparation and I enjoyed every bit of it. We were one of the loudest teams and cheered and pulled every one of our runners to a great team time. In the end we not only enjoyed a fun day, but we received the title of being the fastest company-men and company-women team. Now how is that for marketing Fujitsu and stimulating employee motivation?

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